July 1, 2019


Hi Honey.

Just checking in.

Things have been pretty busy here

as we all are preparing for

our 4th of July week guests.


For the most part,

the visitors this year

have been really relaxed

and seem really more

appreciative of the time

they have to vacation

and spend time with their

spouse and children.


It’s great to see young dads

teaching their young children

about the waves

and being patient with them

if at first

they are unsure and a little scared.


I mean it’s a big body of water

and to toddlers

even up to about 4 years old


if they haven’t been around the water

very often


those occasional waves

that crest and break

right at their height

can be overwhelming

to little guys.


I mean

the parent is standing there

in below thigh depth water

so they don’t realize

the waves breaking against their legs

are hitting their 3 to 4 year old

right in the face.


On my walk this morning

there was a young dad

who realized this

and literally knelt down

in the water

to be the same height

as his son.


That thoughtfulness

completely transformed

the entire experience

for that little guy,

because he could see

his dad

was right there

face to face

experiencing everything

at the son’s level

right along with him.


For that little one,



was ok

because he knew

he and his papa

were now

seeing eye to eye

on the whole




That’s what would make me

a great President of the United States...


I understand

the importance

of seeing eye-to-eye on things.


Sure would love for you

to be by my side,


especially for our children

and grandchildren.



So Joe...


Joe Murphy...





I love you.




Talk to you soon.








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