August 4, 2019


Hi Honey.

Just checking in.

Finished my first session

this afternoon

using a new platform.


I’ve been observing these guys

for several years

and they have really built

a solid system

I’m confident enough

to put my time and investment into

in a new build-out.


There’s so much that goes into

a successful user interface.

When I was building out

the earlier commerce site for LOUD

I worked with that specific company

for over 7 years

really getting to know their

features and marketing potentials


and yet when we were attacked

and then wasn’t able to

get in touch with you

plus all the nonsense that was going on

with commerce platforms

warring against each other


very real people

with very real businesses

were getting caught in

the middle of all that

immaturity and unprofessionalism


it really revealed a lot

about different companies

and how they worked with their clients

who had been with them

when they were first starting out

and continued to

patiently work with them

through all their different upgrades

and improvements

and features

and expansion.


That last part


is what really differentiated

those companies

who truly valued their clients

and those who were all about

shareholder profitability only.


It’s a faddish thing really.

Holding your finger up to the wind

to see what the mood of the market is...


using that

as your driving philosophy

instead of timeless concepts

and good faith principles


which really build loyal clients

and thus

actually perform

even better for the shareholders

in the long run.


I know... go figure right?


Doing the right thing

in the eyes of your clients and customers

actually builds the bottom line

in profitability and

shareholder dividends too.


It’s the way we built LOUD.

It’s the way I still

build, administer

and promote LOUD.


Without families,

without solid, faithful marriages

there would be no growth,


or sustainability for LOUD.


I speak about the topics I do

on the LOUD Mouthpieces website

because I’ve watched

too many great band kids

have to drop out of band

because their mom or dad

cheated on the other

which also cheated on the family too.


It’s heartbreaking.


Do you remember

there was a young man

in one of the bands

we were working with...

he was a great player,

a sweetheart young man

and he had to quit

early on in marching season


his dad cheated on his mom,

abandoned them

and he suddenly

had to get an extracurricular job,

instead of getting to enjoy

an extracurricular band activity,

to help his mom keep up with

their mortgage and car payments?


You might not remember

that young man

but I sure do.


Mainly because

when our marriage and family

were attacked by a wayward student

I saw and personally experienced

both sides of that devastation.

Both sides of that unbelievably



ignorant treatment

of a fellow human being

and friend.


That young man

was very brave.


I happened to be in the bandroom

that day

when he gave the news

that he had to drop out of

marching band


to his band director.


To think that there were some

in that group or staff

that would be angry

or offended in any way

that he had to drop out

because it left a hole

in the drill that was already

band camped and set

for the season


was even more heartbreaking


mainly because

some of that staff

had actually done that

to their own innocent wife and children


and because they surrounded themselves

with those who had done the same thing

somehow didn’t grasp

the reflection

of devastation

that young man was forced

to bring into his own group of friends

and marching band experience


for nothing but

the putrid intoxication

of illicit sex

and illusion

that running off with an invading female

was somehow

what proved

a man had bravado,


or dominion.


So today,

I think about that young man.

And all the other band students

who have had to drop out

because of the infidelity

of one of their parents...


dropping out


to work during afterschool hours

to help their faithful mom

and their little brothers and sisters



I have an awesome CD

it’s been on hold all this time

waiting to launch

over 5 years now

as part of my

long-awaited performance adventure.


Because of that invading student,

I know what it’s like

to have to drop out of school

to protect your family

and household.


I know what it’s like

to read

job description

after job description

and the requisite for consideration

is a bachelor’s degree or higher

and yet

I would be

the perfect person

for that position.


I didn’t have the opportunity

to attend

private Christian school.


And yet somehow

the Lord has called me

to bring this message

of fidelity

and honor.

Of things that are noble

and things that are excellent.


Could you give me a call?


I’d really love to

see our daughter

and grandchildren

and get back to normal family

and married life.


That privilege

and honor

is too important



to invading



Joe Murphy...


if you accepted

the Distinguished Christian Alumni award,

have you rededicated

your life to Christ?


If you have,

you would most certainly

call and restore

our Christian marriage

and family.


If not.

Could you do

the intellectually honorable thing

and surrender that Award

for all those

who are faithful

are trustworthy

and honor their spouse

and children?


Simply renounce your faith

in Jesus Christ.

Then there is no further deception.

No misunderstanding.


And I don’t mean like Peter did...

denying he knew Christ

three times

in a cowardly attempt

to protect his public image.



Renounce your faith.

Divorce God.

Divorce Jesus.




What does that look like?


No more playing in church.

Not even on Christmas or Easter.

No more playing on Christian sessions.

No more royalties

from previous Christian work.


Don’t expect any prayers

or service of the faithful.


Don’t defame Christian friends

and alumni

pretending to be something

you do not intend to live up to.



Completely unlink, unfriend,

delete in your contacts

all connections

with God,

with Jesus,

and any Christian in your contact list.


But that would be just about everybody.




I am patient.

I am kind.

I do not envy.

I boast only in what the Lord has done.

I do not dishonor those of good faith.

I am not self-seeking.

I am not easily angered.

I keep no records of those rare

unmindful wrongs of those

of good faith,





and good judgment

would have me

keep very accurate records

of those who willfully, habitually choose

to harm, infringe,

endanger, exploit, or invade

lives of decency and good faith.


I love you Joe Murphy.


A man truly humble,

a man truly contrite

would truly


and truly reunite.


A man of Christ

would hear these words,

the words of a friend,

and graciously receive them

from one known to be an ally,

one vowed

in permanence

and happily ever after

to uphold and protect.


He would hear them

patiently, kindly.

and would not be angered

at such words

of Love,


and greater purpose.


Congratulations on your

Distinguished Christian Alumni award.


I look forward

to celebrating that honor

with you,

our children,

and grandchildren


in awesome Praise

of the Almighty

and our life

of over 32 years together






Talk to you soon.








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