June 10, 2024


When an instrumental musician

is in tune with the tuning note,

there are no dissonant waves created.

No friction, no turbulence.

No stress, no duress, no hurt or harm.


Intelligent Harmony

is not destructive,

and is so aligned and streamlined,

exponential harmonies and overtones

give depth and breadth and volume

satisfyingly pleasing

to the human heart, soul, mind, and strength.


That physical Law of Harmony

has successful,

practical application in every aspect

of intelligent civilized Life.


Within that understood framework

of alliance and mutual performance,

harmony thrives, melodies are lifted

to even greater heights,

and life is transported

to a place and experience,

noble, nourishing,

admirable, and worthwhile.


That’s what intelligent Liberty

sounds like.


It’s that quiet trust,

that silent understanding,

that speaks volumes

without one word.


We are the calm,




That calm

is what exponentiates

all Good and Satisfying



That composure

is the melody and harmony


each and every moment

of our lives,

both individually

and united in the symphony

of Life.




By the Sovereignty,

and Supremacy

of the United States Constitution

and the Constitution Rights

permanently assured,


and preserved

for all good faith United States citizens


in Freedom,





and Prosper.



Play LOUD.

Love your audience.

Play it because you mean it,


and you will always



Much Love,

Mama Murphy




strong, definite, and clear.

Source: The Almighty Dictionary™