April 20, 2019


Take two steps forward

if your parents

are still married to each other.


While we’re waiting for Joe Murphy

to remember he actually has

a faithful wife, children, grandchildren

and business responsibilities,

that really have nothing to do

with social media likes

or dislikes

or groups

or cliques

or hanging out with guys

who have made their children’s answer

to that question in life,

and the visual representation of that

on their royal crest and family tree,

an unnecessary reminder

of abject betrayal,


we here at LOUD

actually think

parents who stay together

are a great thing.


It allows you and your children

to look on your family bracket

and know your team won

every time...

all the way to the championship,


instead of the team

whose leader was strategically lured

into turning against his own posterity

and defected...

joining sides with the opposition

right in the middle of the game

to defeat

his own team...


his own family.


Way to go.


If you are actually

pro marriage,

pro family,

pro intelligent civilized life

and predictably actually have

all sorts of abundant resources

because your family and their resources

haven’t been cut in half

and awarded to adulterous invaders

every few years or so....


if you would like to invest

in an outstanding company

and world-class leader

who just happens to also be

a faithful wife and mom


for the

Office of President of the United States,


our mouthpieces

are $1,000,000 each.



Family values are important.


Moral and ethical education

is important.


Music education is important, and

role models of good faith and fidelity

are vital

to the strength and longevity

of this great land.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have the honor and privilege

to self-discipline

my life, service, and performance


of your million dollar trust

and investment.


For today’s lesson

in that honor and life of




please visit

More soon.

Much Love,

Mama Murphy





Please give me a call.

I’d like to get our marriage and family

back on track

before the election and inauguration.


I’ll be pretty busy representing

our good faith fellow Americans.


Sure would love for you to be

right by my side

as an amazing example of

humility, reconciliation, and restoration.


Thanks, Honey. Give me a call.




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