the capabilities of
a machine, vehicle, product, or human being especially when observed
under particular conditions


human being


a man, woman, or child
of the species Homo sapiens,
distinguished from other animals
by superior mental development,
power of articulate speech,
and upright stance.




As Mama reviewed the definition of

human being,

the required qualifications

for proper identification

and species confirmation

lit up the room

with an air of refreshment

not seen since the advent of

the York peppermint patty:








Power of

articulate speech.


Upright stance.


And right then and there

the Jumanji game

mega-jackpot alert bells

rang throughout the land

as the A.D. HD Genie from Aladdin

appeared out of thin air

with the biggest bouquet

of all blue ribbons

proclaiming to Mama

and all the heavenly host:


This shall be taught!



When you live your life

by Faith,

the beauty of that choice is


you have nothing to regret.


Nothing to hide.


Nothing to back down


or run away from.


That’s the beauty

of living

by Faith.


You know

you’ve done everything

exactly as the Lord led you.


And it’s not some

make this stuff up as you go Lord...




You’ve done everything

exactly as the Lord has led you

and it’s confirmed

with his very written Word.


If you would like to purchase

a LOUD Mouthpiece

they are now

because of illegal,

unconstitutional bully tactics

and invasion of our marriage, family,

businesses, and assets


one million dollars each.


No I’m not kidding.


People who know me

aren’t surprised

and expect even greater success

and innovations.


Those with the ability

to purchase

one or several of our mouthpieces

already know what they are,

what their quality is

and most important of all...


who, and what sort of

character of integrity,

they are purchasing from.



Boys and Girls.

No matter what you do in life.

The most valuable mouthpiece

you will ever own

is that of your own word

and the truthfulness

in which you interact

with everyone you meet.


If you are doing something

you should not be doing

and then attempt to blame

or destroy another

just to gain some sort of

temporary advantage


as time goes on

and history records

it is you who will be found



and worthless


as another human being could find



and Trued...



with right action and right principles.








Power of

articulate speech.


Upright stance.


“But I’m only human,”

the excuse has been.


Umm, sweetie...

not according to the official definition.


Perjury is a criminal performance.




the offense of willfully telling
an untruth in a court
after having taken an oath or affirmation.



And the thing about perjury is,

when justice is fully restored,


the worst crime victim of perjury

is the person who willfully spoke


in a room

where the only request

was that the Truth

be told.


It is a defilement of inviolable

human being code.


Slander is a violation of that code too.




the action or crime
of making a false spoken statement
damaging to a person’s reputation.


And libel, too.




a published false statement
that is damaging to a
person’s reputation; a written defamation. 

• the action or crime of publishing
a false statement about a person

• a false and typically malicious
statement about a person. 

• a thing or circumstance that brings 
undeserved discredit on a person by misrepresentation.



You see

in America

We, your friends, neighbors,

business associates, and

fellow American citizens


are that Room.


That Room of truth.


Do you think any of us

get up in the morning

and savor the idea

of “taking down”

another person who may have

messed up,

done something really stupid,

or went along with peer pressure,

because golly it seemed like

everybody he knew

was doing the same thing?


Life is more than mastering

a series of scales,

a reading of notes,

or a melodic interpretive rendition.


And you know what...

life is more than taking that technology,

to a level of unspeakable treason


through voice mapping,

communication intercepts,

and digital manipulation

of individuals,




and governments.


A very large percentage

of those with computer and

technological skills and abilities

are also accomplished musicians.


Math is math

no matter what form it reflects.


Brute force,

even in the digital world,

is not.


And here’s why.


To those who might read this page

only wishing to purchase a mouthpiece,

if you’re a student,

whether high school, or college age,


I would ask that you exercise

a level of maturity

many do not think

you are capable of

and sadly exploit.


I have read the “opinions” 

of high school and college age students

publicly discussing

their understanding

of the current status of LOUD

and our family

on forums and threads

around the internet.


I know

you are capable

of understanding and realizing

because of your

chronological age and life experience

there are just some things

you don’t know anything about.


I want to treat you

with that level of respect, grace,

and intelligence.


When you’ve been married

to your best friend

for almost 30 years,

longer than many of you

have even been alive,


and you know

your husband and best friend

was compromised

and blackmailed by a student


and you see other

high school and college students


defamingly discussing

your amazing life,

marriage, family, and

and accomplishments,


maybe you’ll understand:


Thread title

on a

major university student forum

and the subsequent “anonymous”

username discussions :

The woman who owns
Loud Mouthpieces has apparently flipped out


Quality entertainment here...


“How is it that in America,

a mere child,

21-year old college student,

the same age as

our own college age children,

could possibly think it

could be perfectly ok

to seduce, entrap, and compromise

a happily married husband,

dad, and college band director,

who just happened to be

the performing headliner

for our family-owned

mouthpiece company,

with our two college age children

in the SAME band class?

That’s the illegal immigration rotting

America to its core.”



Maybe her husband didn’t

clean his mouthpiece and

brought home herpes?



So I couldn’t resist.

I went to the website...

I couldn’t stop reading.

It was like trying to look away

from a car wreck. 

Anyway, it sounds like perhaps

the wife got served divorce papers

by Joe Murphy (who appears to be

a very well regarded tuba player

in the Nashville music scene)

after they had moved out of the area

they once lived

to try and rebuild their marriage

after infidelity by Joe. 

Lessons abound here.


Just reading between the lines,

this wife was the business brains

behind a talented artist husband.

So basically the Christian Nashville

equivalent of Sharon Osborne. 

Those are women

you don’t mess with imho. 

Pretty funny stuff and

really sad at the same time.

This must be her retaliation

after apparently getting served

divorce papers and restraining orders

surrounding company events. 

Woman scorned is

Mama Murphy Rocks

on Facebook. 



She’s legally the CEO,

so she’s putting the financial screws

to him after the divorce serving...

I know...

Interesting strategy Cotton,

and all that.



I knew Joe Murphy had

a stake of some kind with LOUD -

had no idea he and his wife owned it.

She really is quite attractive.

I don’t understand

burning down the house

to prove a point, but it’s hers to burn.



We need pics of both the wife and mistress

to compare the benefits if any

from the claimed immigration. 



I was curious...

Here’s the wife:



Don’t know about the mistress though.



I understand the feeling of loss

and maybe not wanting to be

a part of that something any longer

that reminds her of that

cheating SOB (hell hath no fury...),

but her attempts at

making comparisons to

illegal immigration totally lose me. 

Also, her kids seem to be

all grown up now with their own kids,

so not sure why she has not seen

some of them for 5 years or so.

Something more to the story?



The student “illegally immigrated”

into her family. 

That is some heavy stuff. 

What is a “boilerplate”

restraining order?

Why was she kept from

her daughter and grandkids?

Seems like the daughter is

old enough to make her own decisions?





To those students.



Mama just walked in the Room

and turned the lights on.


I do not mean to alarm you.


These posts

are for your awareness

and safety,

especially those who are away from home

at college

maybe for the first time in your life

and rely on digital devices

almost exclusively

for most of your regular communication.


The saddest part of this particular thread

was that when I was a member of the

McDonald’s All-American High School Band

the drum major for those series of parades

was actually from that university.


It was my first experience

with “high-stepping” marching bands

and the amazing energy and force

they bring to every performance.


I immediately loved the marching style

and knew it was something

I wanted to learn more about

and definitely wanted to see perform

as an entire marching unit.


So guys...


the actual

willful attempts

to destroy LOUD

and our family are unconscionable.


As students

you need to understand

many of those posts

you think are just among you

and your buddies

are not.


And when very real businesses

and very real marriages

and very real families

are going through

unimaginable difficulties and attacks


your comments

are truly heartbreaking.


I am quietly LOUD for a reason.


I know if I was standing

on the marching field

enjoying one of your performances

you would never say those awful things

especially as representatives

of your university.


To compare a faithful wife, mom,

and bandmom’s picture

to the “mistress” 

to see if there were any “benefits”

of the “illegal immigration”...




“the mistress”

as you guys want to call her,

that was nothing but

a horrifically misguided student

who also got her high school teacher fired

for such behavior?



Pretty much sums up

the level of maturity


good decent businesses,



and families

have been subjected to

the last 10 years or so.


If I stood among you this very moment

shame is all you could reflect.


Especially since you realize,

I have even protected

that invading student

from just such public





I ask for your prayers

for me, Joe and our family.


If you have opportunity to see Joe, please.


Have him read this post.

Have him personally call me.


We are purposely being manipulated

and kept from communication in person

with each other,


something that is about the same level

of immaturity and absurdity

as what we have discussed today.


It’s time to restore and rebuild

our friendship, marriage, family, and life


in person


free from invasion,

false messages,

and photoshopped attempts

to pit us against each other

and tear us

and our family apart.


Thank you.






Power of

articulate speech.


Upright stance.


Got it?


Much love,

Mama Murphy






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