February 7, 2019


If you put your child in sports,

they’ll learn how to compete

and lose

and overcome injuries

and overcome pain.


They’ll learn

how to hate their neighbors

just down the road

and become arch rivals

because the goal of the game

is to crush their opponent.


They’ll learn

how to love only their team colors,

and avoid other jerseys not their own.


They’ll learn how to bend the rules,

and argue with the ref.


Sure... they’ll learn how to win,

but anyone can win.



If you teach your child music

and have them audition

for performance ensembles and



they’ll learn Harmony.


They’ll learn how to play and how to rest.


They’ll learn how to read and translate

a universal language.


They’ll learn how to listen,

so there’s no injury or pain to overcome.


They’ll learn the discipline of practice

and perfecting technique.


They’ll learn the importance

of physical fitness and agility

and its direct benefit

to their overall performance.


In a music performance ensemble,

even if it’s only two people,

do you realize the concepts of


unsportsmanlike conduct,

flags on the play,

and a player on the field

whose only purpose is

to tackle, or strike, or block you

from succeeding


are non-existent?


Plus, when you go to church,

your children will be able to

sit and learn quietly

when someone is speaking,


sing praises and honor in fellowship,


and realize Music

is an integral part of



and the only one tackled

and hung naked on the goal post



as the central reminder...


Harmony never loses,





creates no injury

to compete.




Much Love,

Mama Murphy





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