Inspiro Concordia

(Inspire Harmony)


2020: Act 1: Scene 1

Mama Murphy, comedian,

is back at Southern Command.

A rush of communications

started coming in from

Friends, Neighbors, and Countrymen


about the current State

of the Union.

True to her calling as a

Superhero Action Figure

Mama activated

the local community call chain

to swiftly...

as the Reverend Barney would say it...

“Nip it in the bud, Andy.

Just nip it in the bud.”



Brrring! Brrring!




Hi... yes. Mrs. Pelosi?

West coast Mrs. Pelosi?




This is Mama Murphy...

from the South Coast.

Your Covenant son is bullying

the sweet moms and dads

and children in California.

Not to mention

all my drum corps students

in spring training

for this upcoming tour season...

you know...

The Blue Devils,

The Santa Clara Vanguard.


Now I know that

boys can be boys sometimes

and maybe Gav

just wanted to take the

California economy

out for a spin...

sort of like a teenage kid

with his daddy’s

super duper sports car.


The problem is

he’s been driving pretty darn


and endangering

good faith citizen’s lives out there

in California.


He and a bunch of boys

must have been caught up

in one of those gangs

we used to hear about.


Some of those boys

are down here

on the South Coast too,

and maybe they’re up to

no good mischief

along our East Coast, too.


As a fellow mama,

I’m just giving you a call

to see if you would have a talk

with your son

about respect

for the lives of others.


He and those other boys

out and about in the country

are bullying the little ones

and endangering their safety.


It got so bad here,

we just canceled Spring Break.

You wouldn’t believe

the increase in traffic accidents

with all those unchaperoned kids

driving around town.


What sort of parents

let their kids

vacation at the beach



Good news is

they all went back home.


Bad news is

they bought up all our

toilet paper to take with them...

afraid they might not be able

to buy any when they got back to

Ohio and New York

and all sorts of places where

other silly boys

are driving recklessly

with the economic engines

of their states.


Silly kids.

Isn’t Mr. Whipple in Ohio?

Why with his Charmin factory alone

there should be plenty of

huggable, squeezably soft

bathroom tissue

for the entire country,

let alone the good state of Ohio.


It was lovely to see you

at the Christmas pageant.

I thought all the boys and girls

did a great job with their lines.


It’s good for those sweeties

to practice on the microphone

every now and then.


Thank you Mrs. Pelosi

for speaking with Gav.

These kids...

they grow up so fast.


Say hi to Mr. Pelosi for me...


and Dorsey... bless his heart.

He’s doing such a good job

with his twitter service.

What a smart young man

you have out there.

He’s doing such a great job

with such a big responsibility.

We’re blessed to have him

on the United States team.


Well Mrs. Pelosi,

I know you’ve got

all sorts of things to do today,

and I do too.


Just wanted to give you a call

and make sure

we all have a safe, fun,

2020 season.


Love you sweetie.

Talk to you again soon.


Oh... I almost forgot...

do you know Ron’s mama?


Ron Desantis?


Bless his heart,

he’s such a joker sometimes.

He and a bunch of boys here

thought it would be funny

to nail boards

with signs blocking

good faith access to our beaches.



United States construction crews

just rebuilt those accesses,

some of them just this past winter.


I talked to those crews

each morning

on my beach walk

before I swam


seeing their progress

and thanking them

for doing such a great job,


and now those boys

are already defacing public property

by nailing those two-by-fours

with those ugly signs

across them.


There’s a lot of people here

who walk and swim

on the beach

as their sacred practice

and healthy exercise routine.


I know those boys

must have had a good laugh

at such a mischievous prank.

The problem was

they blocked the access

to the public restroom facilities

beachgoers and neighborhood walkers

use on their morning healthy constitution

exercise routines.


And those ugly boys

pretending to be cops and

sworn Constitution protectors

of United States citizens


wouldn’t let our neighbors

use the public restrooms.


If you know Ron’s mama,

could you give her a call?


If not

I’ll give Mrs. Trump a call.

She’s got the PTA membership list.

Wouldn’t want these boys

just playing silly pranks

to prevent

one of our healthy, active

veteran retirees down here

from having access

to public restroom facilities

when they’re used to

having that on their

healthy morning walks and jogs.


Love you sweetie.

Talk to you soon.










Brrring! Brrring!




Hi... yes. Mrs. Trump?

East Coast Mrs. Trump?




This is Mama Murphy...

from the South Coast.

Do you have

little Ron’s mama’s number?


No, not Ronnie Howard...


I might need to call his mama next...

or maybe that sweet one

is actually grown up enough

to have his very own Superhero phone.

If any young man would be responsible

with a United States Superhero phone

it would certainly be

Andy and Mrs. C’s son.


Which Ron’s mama’s number?

Ron Desantis.

It should be on the

PTA membership list.


Bless his heart,

that little sweetie

must have gotten all caught up

in some of that silly

pranking some of the older boys

have been doin’.


He and a bunch of kids

actually nailed two-by-fours across

our public beach accesses

with silly signs

about that focus-grouped

new healthcare thriller movie

they must be filming

just for social media

adrenaline boosts.



me and the girls exercise

in the water at the beach

every day.

It’s my healthy lifestyle routine

which allows me

and the girls

to run in place in the water

and not have all the issues

that endowed women have

running on land.


In high school

I was a long distance runner,

but after The Almighty

endowed me with my

Breastplate of Righteousness

the only way I can run

is in water.


It’s the same as those

thoroughbred racing horse

training facilities

that have those magnificent horses

exercise in water

to heal and maintain

their normal cardio routines

between races.


And I can’t swim or run

in chlorine pools...

it causes asthma

and all sorts of unhealthy issues...

especially to the eyes, skin, and lungs.


It’s why if I had a pool,

I would convert it to saltwater.


Mrs. Trump,

as a fellow endowed, United States

and Great State of Florida mama,

could you give Ron’s mama a call

and get our beaches open again?


Bless their hearts,

these boys just don’t have any idea

the self-disciplined responsibility it takes

to shoulder

the Breastplate of Righteousness

as The Almighty

has instructed me.


Thank you Mrs. Trump.

You’re as elegant and gorgeous

as ever.

It’s lovely to have you

as a radiant example of style

and feminine beauty

for America’s young

mamaless girls.


Women are the models of

light, nurturing, and gentle grace

in the world.


How’s the weather down there

in your part of Florida?


Up here

it’s been a spectacular spring so far

and the water is still cool

from the winter...

so it’s a super refreshing workout.


Maybe those boys

just nailed those two-by-fours there

to give me the additional

workout exercise practice

of firmly stepping up in the stirrup

and throwing my leg over a horse again.


I mean I don’t always need

a set of Tecovas cowboy boots

to find my pair

and saddle up the horses

if we’ve got a trail to blaze...


if it’s nothing but a couple of


between good Faith citizens

and the wild blue yonder

of these sacred beaches

and God’s Amazing Grace.



Bless their hearts.

They know how I love horses too.

Those silly youngins

don’t realize all the horses

they are endangering

by stopping the economy.


My horse was like that...

his owners divorced

and the wife could no longer

afford to keep him

or his other stablemates.


When he came to me

his mane was all tangled

with brambles and his coat was dirty

from being out in the open pasture

just down the road.


I was going to buy him

and restore him

to his full magnificence and glory

when my first music CD was successful

and I prosperously owned

my own ranch.


I guess young girls these days

don’t learn much respect

for the good faith lives and dreams of

strong, industrious,

married women any more.


Maybe if they realized

how much it hurts the horses too,

they’d stop

before they captured a married man,

and destroyed the loving,

wholesome family goals and home

of a sweetheart, trusting

wife and children.


That’s why The Almighty

endowed me with the

Breastplate of Righteousness...


solely to defend and protect

my husband, children,

household, assets, and businesses

from the seduction

and criminal sex home invasion of


“big titties”


as my Covenant Army son

calls them.


There would be

no threat

from that silliness

on my watch.


I did whatever it took

to break the distracting spell

of that seductive criminal,

and stood my lawfully protected ground,

to defend my homeland

from one of the most

disrespectful and uncivilized

domestic enemies.


There was no question of

protect or not protect

when it came to my children

and future grandchildren.


And so, Mrs. Trump,

that’s when I became

a superhero action figure...

who, now, along with Aquaman,

can only run

my long distance exercise routine

in the gulf here at the beach.


Those “health” “experts”

must not know about

low impact aerobic training.


Maybe you didn’t know Mrs. Trump

that endowed women

can actually have

great running workout routines

safely and comfortably

in the gulf/ocean.


And wow!

What a view!

It’s much better than watching

24/7 negative TV on a treadmill.


Thank you for Ron’s mama’s number.

I’m sure she’ll gently,

discreetly explain to him

why closing the beaches

in a state

that is all coastline

on three full sides,

negatively effected and infringed

the healthy workout,

and healthy lifestyle routines of millions

of his fellow Sunshine State Floridians.


It’s why we live here.

As fellow United States citizens,

the ocean and beach

are our Constitutionally protected

healthy way of life.

It’s why The Almighty

brought me here.


Oh... and do you have

Andrew’s teacher’s number?

Andrew Gillum.

I’m not sure who taught that sweet one

that ending Stand Your Ground laws

is anything we do here,

or even consider

in the United States.

Bless his heart.

His teacher

is endangering all our citizens


our best and brightest like that.


In the United States,

our citizens always

have a Right

a Second Amendment Right

to defend themselves,

their loved ones,

and their property,

from criminals and thugs.



Bless his heart,

right after Hurricane Michael

someone sent that sweetie out

to campaign in our

hardest hit neighborhoods

proudly advertising

that he, Andrew Gillum,

was going to end

their Right

their Constitutional Right

to protect themselves,

their loved ones,

and property,

during an emergency like that.


The principal at that school...

needs to have a serious look

at the textbooks his teachers are using,

because United States Americans


have a Right

a self-evident Right

a Second Amendment Right

to defend themselves

against criminals

and those who might

insanely, violently violate

their oath of representative office

and go beyond the authority

The Constitution specifically

restricts them from even trying...

let alone recklessly driving

with our state economies

like intoxicated teenage hooligans.


Stuff like firebombing

innocent men, women, and children

and actually being so evil

they codenamed that “raid”



Mrs. Trump

do you know...

18 of the children

who died that day

in that out of control


of United States Constitution



18 of those sweetie sweet

most trusting and innocent among us


who were ordered to be

firebombed and mass murdered

that day

at the Mount Carmel Center

right here in the heartland

of the United States

by “representatives”

in direct, criminal violation

of their Oath of Office and only authority

which is to protect United States citizens

and their Constitution assured


2nd Amendment Right

to keep and bear arms

to defend themselves

and their loved ones


and their 4th Amendment Right

to be secure in their person,

house, papers, and effects...



18 of our 82 United States citizens

massacred that day,


were under the age of 10.




Love you sweetie.


Tell President Trump

thank you

for protecting our Great Nation

from ever having to witness

on live TV

or be concerned or

called to defend against

such insane, heinous, criminal




perpetrated against

our own United States citizens

ever again.


As mamas...

we have to make sure

that shall never be allowed

to seek representative position

or “represent” United States Americans

ever again.


To a Superhero Protector of the Homeland,

Socialism and Communism

are the ultimate arch enemies

of Life, Liberty, and the Freedoms

good faith United States citizens

embody and protect



Those citizens have a right

to individually

have those political views,

but they can never force them

because those philosophies

are self-evidently

disqualified from seeking any

United States Constitution Representative




It’s like a tyrannosaurus rex

seeking a representative position

to protect the life, liberty, and happiness

and healthcare

of his main food source.


That’s what the concept of

universal healthcare is...

like that T-Rex.


Domestic enemies

in “representative” positions

weakening and sickening the population

through non-stop discussions by

people who aren’t healthy themselves,

and then attempt to militantly restrict

the regular exercise routines

and livelihoods of

healthy, active, prosperous citizens,


tyrannically gaining financial benefit

and their livelihoods

from that sick psychological warfare

and economic destruction

of our own people.



Thank you Mrs. Trump.

Sweetie, you’re doing a great job

as our PTA Presiding Representative.


Talk to you soon.








I’m Mary Murphy.

To kids of all ages,

I’m known as Mama Murphy.


Because I love this great Nation of ours,


I’m standing

for the Office of

President of the United States.


I am not running against anyone.

I am standing for the Office of President


in complement

to our current Presiding Representative


as the best Representation


of what represents the Best


in each of us.


Who we are.

What we aspire to.


The stuff great life is made of.


If by some miracle of Providence

I am appointed

by vote of the American people

to our highest

Representative position,

perhaps then

my husband of 33 years

will again find value

and endearment towards

his faithful wife

as First Knight towards his Lady,

as she faithfully, honorably stands

on behalf of the American people


as President and Commander-in-Chief

Mama Murphy.



More soon.


Much love,




* * * *


the Sunshine powered

Lucky Corvette.


Unlimited miles.

Zero emission.

Zero fuel cost.


And if Trump

wants another 4 years as President,


never has to worry

about running out of gas,

or charging an electric vehicle

in the rain,

while silly mischievous boys

drive recklessly

with our economic engines

drunk in the intoxicating power

of thinking they can act like Biff

and threaten everyday fellow

United States citizens

like nothing but a bunch of

schoolyard bullies

picking on little kids

and taking all their lunch money.



unlike other hybrid

environmentally friendly vehicles

it’s sexy,

and appeals to the senses

in the most wholesome

Almighty way.


Mama’s sunshine powered

Lucky Corvette

is pure, dynamic performance

and faithfully maintains

the classic, beefy

Corvette curves and backend.

What a concept.


Plus with all the

cool, whizzy engineering

Elon Musk is single-handedly

wowing us with,


we’ll be driving on Sunshine

really soon

and not ever have concerns

about energy dependence

or silly boys holding entire states

in this great Nation




like nothing but pathetic

third world dictators,

tyrants, and thugs.


These are the type guys

our good men and women in

United States Military service

fought and eradicated,

and then

went the extra mile and

wholesomely liberated

those entire nations

and fellow human beings

having victoriously freed them

from oppressors and tyrants

no one made in the image of God,

or The Almighty,

was ever intended to suffer.


We can do this.


Boys and girls,

ladies and gentlemen.

Here’s your assignment:


Personally read

The Declaration of Independence,

The Constitution,

and especially

The Bill of Rights

and understand


who, what, and why

we are the Greatest Nation

on Earth.


Only in the United States

is the individual citizen

endowed by their Creator

with certain inalienable rights

of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of




the state of being free within society
from oppressive restrictions
imposed by authority
on one’s good faith way of life.


Boys and girls.

United States Americans

are on the same team.


We are not at war

against each other.


Socialism and Communism

are antithetical to individual Liberty.

Those concepts, in their very nature,

are unconstitutional

and are never a consideration

in this great Nation.


They are not “political opinions”

or views eligible in any way

for “voting” consideration.


We are a free and prosperous people.


Those governing philosophies

enslave entire populations


and all manner of tyrannies

are militantly imposed


against good faith,

sweetheart, prosperous lives,

goals, dreams, and aspirations.


As peaceful, harmonious musicians,

it can be really tempting

to just agree to whatever

non-Constitution representative forces

are insisting,

especially during times

like what they’re dramatizing

when there are no gigs,

and no work,

and seemingly no other choice...



boys and girls


that’s the same sort of thing

they said to me.



there’s nothing more we can do.

You’re down to 98 pounds...

we think it will just get worse and

you might even have to have surgery.


That’s when Jesus

walked in the room

looked me straight in the eyes

carried me through all space and time

and said to me,


You’re not gonna die.

I’m doing a new work.

Do you want to be well?


And here I am.


Almost 12 years later,


a Faith, Family, and Forte Superhero


CEO of LOUD Mouthpieces

Home of the Million Dollar Mouthpiece,


calling up Ron’s mama

to get the Great State of Florida’s

beaches re-opened...


while simultaneously

getting this economy



and Prosperous


just like we as good faith

United States citizens




And the best part...

there’ll be no politics,


or politicians



Just United States citizens

doing what The United States does best...




Mama... could you say that

just a little LOUDer...




Remember who you are...

you are a LOUD Mother....



... oh what the hell...


Hulk... sweetie...

could you demonstrate

your awesome Almighty


for me please

so the boys and girls

remember it?






And now could you demonstrate


that revived Ironman...

so the boys and girls

can remember

what that sounds like too?







And at that moment,

all the boys and girls in the room


what that mighty Roar sounds like

in each one of their hearts.





energizing them

with a new dynamic force

only intelligent, Faithful,

Superhero United States Americans



It’s the good faith strength

and infinite power


in calm, self-disciplined

one Nation

under God









Today’s LOUD presentation,

was a dramatization.


Sort of like Argo... combined with

The Grinch That Stole Christmas

The Office, Parks and Recreation,

Field of Dreams, Zootopia, and

The Incredibles.

No actual conversations took place,


I’m not sure why conversations

like these very ones, couldn’t happen.


We’re all on the same team.


We all root for the Home Team

in the United States, if you’re not...

what the hell?


My kids, directors, and parents

need to know

if there’s going to be

a drum corps season,

or marching band season,


they need to know

if they get to play

little league baseball,

or tennis,

or anything

normal healthy active kids do

whose parents have the freedom

to work and provide for their families

in peace, safety, and good faith freedom.


My symphony guys

need to know if they are going to be able

to provide for themselves

and their families.


My cruise ship performers

need to know if they’ll have gigs soon.


My church choirs and orchestras

need to know

when they can resume

regular services, and

community outreach programs

and mission trips.


You see in the United States,

we all

are on a need to know basis

when this sort of silliness

is being shoved into our lives.


Our LOUD fans

are smart, intelligent,

super gifted and talented individuals

who have a Constitutional Right to be secure

in their person, house, papers, and effects.


They have a Constitutional right to assemble


and give amazing musical performances

to bring comfort and harmony,

balance, and normal celebration of life

to our fellow music patrons and fans.


Representative position in America

should be like an engine

that runs quietly in the background,

certainly not something

that incessantly interrupts

our daily good faith lives

and now our very economic strength

and stability.


If this nonsense is to gain

“political” power

in an election year

you guys are morons

who have clearly demonstrated

you can’t handle

just simply protecting, upholding, and

preserving The Constitution,

The Bill of Rights,

and The Declaration of Independence

which clearly defines

all this nonsense

as tyranny.


It’s like shutting down

housing construction

in your entire State

because just one man with a hammer

got a splinter

and we all have to hold our breath

as to whether it will be infected,

or need surgery, or be quarantined

because golly gee whiz,

one splinter

anywhere in the world

is just one too many.


Some of these guys

should go out on Drum Corps tour.

They wouldn’t last a second

their immune systems are so weak.


I mean golly,

just playing on a school instrument...

basically the equivalent

of passing a Blow Pop sucker

around your entire low brass section

for several years of performance,

would give the

“experts” at the CDC

a nervous breakdown.


It’s why

here at LOUD,

we encourage

at minimum,

personal mouthpiece ownership.


And golly,

the whole spit valve mechanism...

emptied right there on the bandroom

or stage floor...


bless their hearts.


Who are these fearful, sick people?


How many grandmas and grandpas

have attended school performances

and sat right there

in school auditoriums

where hundreds of kids

with all sorts of stuff

all over their hands

and jeans, and

the bottom of their shoes

assemble and learn

in an orderly fashion

millions of times all over this country

every single day...


and had no issue



It takes a certain

United States Home of the Brave

personal constitution


to use the restroom

or eat with utensils

in school cafeterias

in elementary, middle,

and high schools

in this country.


It’s why all that nonsense

comes from somewhere else.

And not here.


We have clean drinking water.

We have indoor plumbing.

We know to always wash our hands

after using the restroom

or handling gross stuff.


And we know to wash our instruments

and mouthpieces every now and then

especially if we’ve had a cold

or have been sick.

It’s just good common sense.


Do you know just how far away

China actually is from most

everyday United States citizens?


And Italy?


My goodness, gracious.


Those Founding Documents



Those who violate

their oath of office

as nothing but a proxy representative

of those very documents

in an attempt to

overthrow our limited framework

of governance

and force tyranny...


do not.



It’s why I dynamically,

dramatically called

both these mamas today.

In the United States of America,

if I saw them at the local grocery store

we should be able to have

these very same conversations,

except hopefully...

without all the need for

three mamas

getting this economy

jump started

and good faith United States citizens

back to normal

Great American life.


Election cycles in America

have become endless

monopolizations of our time

and now

good faith way of life.


That wasn’t in any way

what our founding fathers

intended or even imagined,

and in fact,

is exactly the very thing

they fought the Revolutionary War

to free us all from.


They basically met for two weeks

and then went back to their good faith lives,

because The Constitution

and specifically The Bill of Rights

defined what good faith civility

as a decent, moral individual

and moral people is,

and actually made sure to restrict

any Constitution Representative position

from violating those very rights

by attempting to enslave or terrorize

our good faith citizens.


All those men and their families

embodied that good faith life.

And once it was secured

and we were free from further tyranny,

there was nothing left to “govern”

because they all self-governed themselves,

in good faith,

just like the vast majority of Us... do.


Good faith Individual sovereignty

is an assured Right

in this Nation.


That’s it.


Boys and girls,

ladies and gentlemen,

we are already in

the Land of the Free

and Home of the Brave,

and have those awesome

Founding Documents

to protect, uphold and preserve it.


The only “change”

that needs to be made is one of

those individuals

who have for some reason

been misguided into thinking

one group of United States citizens

can “lord” over another

in now, almost grotesque



Grotesque... because

we literally have the knowledge

and technologies

generations before us

couldn’t even imagine

and only thought as stuff

of science fiction.


Wars and rumors of wars,

scarcity, economic shutdowns,

in this day and time

are absurd.


If Representative impersonators

are doing things

in other nations that we don’t

condone or approve of

that does not in any way


who we are as a good faith people.


You see in real deal dictatorships

and politically dominated countries

we know exactly who is causing

all the ruckus.

We know it’s not their everyday citizens,

any more than our everyday citizens here

would purposely bully

another good faith human being.


I have a wonderful surprise

coming very soon.


Until then,


Play LOUD.

Play it because you mean it.

Love your audience.

You will always... prevail.


I love you.