October 19, 2020


Parental Guidance Note:

Today’s presentation

is for good faith intelligent Americans

ages 25 and older.

If you as a parent, read this material

and would like to use it

as an instructional discussion

with your good faith children

in the importance of

personal self-discipline,

personal responsibility,

and the personal

common sense intelligence

it takes to live

in the total Freedom and Liberty

our Good Faith and Trust

American citizenship assures,

I am thankful

you are a Great American

Intelligent Civilized Parent

who understands


is also

a personal, intelligent, civilized



2020: Act Two: Scene Two


“Son, that’s a fine

United States Marines


you’re wearing.

Do you want to be a Marine

or are you just a fellow American fan?”


I’m going into the Marines

right after graduation,

the son of Virginia

proudly, respectfully answered.


“What specialty

are you interested in?

What job description are you looking for?”

Mama asked on behalf of

all the Few and Proud

and those who honorably

stand ready in Common Defense

of the Homeland

both in the great State of Virginia

and fellow States in our United liberty.


My first choice is a Sniper.

My second choice is Gunner on a tank,

the bright eyed, self-disciplined,

high frequencied, intelligent young man

confidently declared.


“Well... are you a good shot?”

Mama interviewed and smiled.


I’m the best marksman

in the entire region,

this high school senior

unflinchingly reported.

I’ve been shooting, and hunting,

and practicing good marksmanship

since I was four years old

right next to my dad,

who made sure to teach me

how to properly handle a firearm

and understand why

personal self-discipline,

situational awareness,

and accuracy

are duties of

character, honor, and integrity

in every good faith citizen...

especially here in Virginia,

one of the 13 original colonies,

and the geographic fortress

surrounding our nation’s capital.


Delighted by such radiant clarity

of purpose and honor

not at all surprising

in the home State of George Mason

who authored the

Virginia Declaration of Rights

which became the basis and reference

for the opening paragraphs

of the Declaration of Independence

and the Bill of Rights...

the first 10 Amendments


to The United States Constitution,


it was a strengthening,

inspiring reminder that


Native Virginian American citizens


Life, Liberty, and good faith Freedom.

Each and every step they take

is literally on or near

holy ground,

sacred ground,

the ground where good faith men

fought ground wars

to Secure the blessings of




for each and every

good faith

United States Citizen.



in those ranks,

with bugles, fifes, and drums,

set the stage

and dutifully, clearly,

LOUDly performed

the Messenger’s task

of signals and commands

amid their fellow patriots,

each full well knowing,


the Stand

against Tyranny




shall never falter,

shall always







It’s a Certain,

united Self-evidence

that spontaneously moves

sickly, weak,




and “medical” impersonators


to retreat,


and bow their heads

in revealed,

accountable humiliation and shame

having attempted

such arrogant


and forced “control”

over the good faith

Lives and Livelihoods

of their fellow good faith Americans.


How could we have been so lured

and so self-deceived to think

that dictating and controlling

the very breath

of healthy, strong, good faith

friends, neighbors, and countrymen

was something

a sickness professional,

or politician

has the authority to do?


Not thinking clearly for yourself.

Not stepping back

just a moment

and thinking forward

the very real effects of your





illegally, ignorantly given

“equal” weight and “force”

as pretended acts of “legally binding”


that equally ignorant

and Constitution illiterate

Constitution Representative


then stupidly parroted

in subsequent

pretended acts of “legally binding” decree

terrorizing, threatening,

and then literally

illegally ordering

the shutdown of all economic function

and lockdown of all good faith citizens

regardless of health, fitness,

and/or greater understanding.


To say it was

colossal incompetence

is a grace

that shall not be granted.


Even Jesus Christ

offers no “forgiveness”

to those who

purposely deceived the American people

in an attempt to “protect”

one group of high risk individuals

over the health, security,

productivity, and prosperity

of all others.



This 2020 shove of

egotistical, bullying,

projected hypochondria and

psychopathic facemasking “mandates”

is sheer lunacy,

both illogical

and criminal.


Give the definition

oh keeper of words.

Bring the definition

so all in this Assembly

may know what charges against

these traitors, derelict

of duty, oath, and servanthood.




the state of being extremely foolish, 
eccentric, or absurd.



wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate.

Origin: mid 16th century:
from Latin absurdus ‘out of tune’,
hence ‘irrational’;
related to surdus ‘deaf, dull’.



excessively conceited or
absorbed in oneself; self-centered.


projected hypochondria

 transfer or attribute ones own 
emotion and abnormal anxiety about health
to all those in their pretended and imposed “sphere of influence”, especially with an unwarranted fear that every person potentially has a serious disease
that must be at all costs controlled
by the person with such irrational,
abnormal fears,
even to the point of threat, punishment, extortion, assault, and/or physical restraint.

Source: The Almighty Dictionary™



using power and influence 
to harm or intimidate (someone),
typically to force a person
to do what one wants.



distraught with fear, anxiety, or other emotion conducted in a hurried, excited, and chaotic way, typically because of incompetence and misinformation combined with
an overly fearful “need” to act quickly.



 abnormal and obsessive.



lacking sense or clear, sound reasoning.



And you know what?

Even when working with

fellow citizens

who individually request their

limited training and expertise,

true medical doctors

on Professional Oath to

Do No Harm,

would never force

a “patient” to do something

against their will or something

that would do more harm

than good... like wearing a facemask,

or locking down

all their practice’s “patients”,

and shutting down

all their patients’ businesses

by threat of fines or permanent closure.










Goose? Goose Northam?




Goose. Sweetie.

Bless your heart.

I’m so glad to get a call

through to you today.


We’ve been hearing all sorts of nonsense

about things you’re “officially ordering”

as “governor” of the Great State of Virginia.


Son. It’s like we’re all

suddenly living in the town of

Burgermeister Meister Burger

and by “official decree”

there shall be no more toys

(or fun, or smiles, or Happiness)

in all of Burgermeister Meister Burger.


There’s not a place that I can go

in this good faith, sweetheart,

Hometown of America

that there’s not some ugly,


threatening poster or sign or banner

declaring by

EMERGENCY ORDER of the Governor

all citizens must wear facemasks

to enter this here establishment

of good faith business,


and community good faith service.


Goose. Bless your heart.

Sweetie. You of all people,

as a former, career,

pediatric neurologist

you of all people should

self-evidently know

how silly

mandatory facemask requirements

and social distancing

and capacity restrictions are

in controlling

the effects of cold temperature

on each individual citizen...

each unique in personal health,

fitness, intelligence,

and good common sense

cold weather behaviors

and adaptations.


And golly gee Goose,

as an intelligent, well educated,

well read,

fellow American citizen,

you of all people


The Constitution specifically

makes Certain

the assurance

that the Right of each

good faith United States citizen,

including United States Virginians

to be secure

in their Person, House, Papers, and Effects

shall not be violated.



What is this phrase


that good faith

Constitution Rights protectors

keep referencing?


Well Goose...

the other night

I was walking through

my local Target store,

breathing freely

in rational common sense intelligence

shopping for a few specific items,

and I noticed

a sweetheart young family

a mom, a dad,

and their two children...

a child of about 7 or 8

walking along politely beside them,

and their second child...

around three years old

sitting in the seat of the shopping cart

having a really unpleasant

shopping experience

solely due

to your

Burgermeister Meister Burger



that all who enter this here store


a facemask.


Totally unconstitutional...

(that means it’s totally illegal)

and yet

by golly because of the bullied


irresponsibily crying wolf word



this little guy

was being forced

to wear

a breath restricting

super uncomfortable


and suffocating



It was one of those

“frantically” rushed into “production”

cheap, cloth extortions...

and even though it was a “child” size,

for him it was too small

even for this specific little boy

who was being “forced”

by his young parents

to keep the breath restricting tyranny

in place.


It was obviously irritating and pulling

unnaturally and uncomfortably

on his little ears,

and so


in common sense self-preservation

and common sense self-defense,

this little guy

was politely fussing and fighting

for his Right

to breathe freely

and ride along in the shopping cart

happily smiling and enjoying

a great family shopping experience...

by simply trying to

get the damn thing

off his face.


(That’s an intelligent Mama translation

on behalf of that sweetie sweet little one

in the language of common man

whose freedom of speech was obviously

muffled and restricted

by such unwarranted, assaulting

facemask requirement

of the Burgermeister Meister Burger.)




Goose Northam...

as a pediatric neurologist,


bless your heart...

what happens

when a little one

doesn’t get enough oxygen

and subsequently oxygen to the brain

for an extended period of time?


Son. Do you realize

you’ve single-handedly ordered

the unbelievable child abuse

of “emergency ordered”

physical assault,

slow suffocation,

and potential incapacitation?


Not all citizens have the

highly educated common sense

that self-evident understanding

does most certainly provide,

and so because they just want to shop

and get their weekly supplies

for life, liberty,

and pursuits of good faith happiness

they are willfully

subjecting these little sweethearts

to your

medically incompetent

Burgermiester Meister Burger decrees...


and golly Goose... my goodness...

you and I both know

if you forced

your patients to do that nonsense

at Children’s Hospital...


wearing ill-fitting, thick,

sweatshirt thick,

coverings over a child’s nose and mouth...


you would have been charged

with malpractice and stripped of all

medical credential and “influence”.


Golly gee whiz Goose!

Have these political dummies threatened

you and your family or something,

so much so

that you would literally throw away

years of good faith medical credibility

for a stupid, unconstitutional (illegal)

political coup attempt

of your fellow American citizens?


I read your bio.

I read your medical credentials.

How is it that someone of your

unique specialization

would kowtow to the unbelievably

unmindful and short-sighted


of a silly bureaucratic

medical impersonator?


It makes no sense.

I even watched as “they”

attempted to bully you

over a silly college costume picture,

that none of us

who understand college frat parties

and humor

would ever consider

as something of


let alone grounds for serious “reprimand”

of character or judgment...

no matter which person you were

in that costumed college party photo.



those bringing such

frantic nonsense and “accusation”

have obviously never experienced

fraternal initiations or

social parody gatherings.


And bless your heart,

you were getting it from both sides...

as I watched also,

as those on the “opposite” end of

“political” fervor

lambasted you

for your trained, clinical,

rational assessment

of a late term “aborted” pregnancy,

where serious health complications

and/or malformations

in normal development

were self-evident,

and you were merely relaying

the nature of such mature, intelligent,

private discussion of

options and decisions

you faithfully, as a physician,

gently, professionally

had to discuss

with the parents

of a non-viable premature, miscarried,

or emergency birthed child.


Few good faith citizens

have any idea

of the truly difficult,

heart-wrenching, but necessary

individual specific doctor/patient

discussions and decisions

a true medical professional

on honorable oath of service to

Do No Harm

is faced with

from time to time

in their long, esteemed,

successful career.



I respect your years

of good faith intelligent

specialized medical practice.


You of all people know

there is no one-size-fits-all,

let alone


when it comes to each


amazingly formed and

intelligently designed

human being.


Walking down another aisle

while good faith shopping at Target,

I saw another good faith family

with a special needs child,


about 7 or 8 years old

exhibiting classic muscular positioning

and postures of severe cerebral palsy.

He was deeply asleep

in a simple folding stroller

pushed by his parent,

and yet, while this child was sleeping

his nose and mouth were entirely covered

with a thick facemask,

which in this case,

was so oversized

it was down beneath his chin

and halfway over his eyes,

yet tightly secured

around his ears... too.



there is no “emergency” excuse

for forcing all parents

of healthy children

to inflict such suffocation and threat

to that individual child’s personal

Constitution protected

health and safety.


And the thought

that somehow

these parents,

overrode their own common sense

in protecting their own children,


wanting to “represent”

their “political” leanings

by surrendering to such

self-evident lack of common sense


is horrifying.



I don’t see you as a Democrat.

You’re far too educated and professional

to go along with the nonsense

some group of silly criminals

have shoved on us all,

pretending to be

“democratically” sound doctrine

concerning health,


and the economic “sacrifices”

no one in their right mind

or left brain :-)

would ever consider

as conducive

to Life, Liberty, and good faith pursuits

of Property, Homestead, and Happiness.



I stand on behalf

of my good faith fellow American citizens

in gently having

these fun,


civilized discussions

to cheer on

and support

everyday good faith Americans,

and also those specific

good faith fellow Americans

who have attained

Constitution Representative position

and need a little extra

remedial update

in the specifics of what the Oath

and duties of those positions

truly mean.


You are in the Constitution Representative

Governor of Virginia position


to uphold, protect, and preserve

The Constitution Rights

of the good faith United States citizens

of Virginia.


You are not God or god.

You are an equal fellow American citizen

there to protect the Rights

each of us have

to live, thrive, and protect ourselves

as we know best works

for ourselves.

You are not an all powerful


issuing edicts

of life and death consequence

as if you had all the answers in the universe.


I mean sweetie,

I literally discovered

and wrote the Cure

for the common cold and flu

and all sorts of other constitution

challenges that good faith human beings

might unwittingly experience,


but even I have enough

Common Sense to know

and enough common Courtesy to respect,

that I would not force this discovery

on anyone,

fine them for not complying,

let alone,

lock them down, and shut down

their way of earning an income

to support themselves and their loved ones

until they did exactly what my discovery



So Goose.

As a fellow good faith American citizen,

I’m cheering for you.

Not your unconstitutional (illegal)

“mandated” policies.

And certainly not because you have

an illogical D

by your name.


I choose to lift people

out of poverty

and impoverished mindsets,

not make sure they’re always

conditioned to robotically follow only what

bureaucratic “experts” with no

professional real world

experience, practice,

or credibility say.



There are a lot of good faith Americans

who have traditionally

voted for the “democratic” party,

mainly to keep overreaching

perceived extreme “republican” “wealth”

from taking advantage of

good faith workers

with abuses and

work environment practices

that have for the most part been

long eradicated

since the early days of the

industrial revolution

when there were very different

socio-economic assumptions

concerning certain “classes” of people

stereotyping by “income” as to

intelligence, diligence, integrity, and

predictable potential.


You know...

Reagan bridged that “divide”.



and the policies he promoted

made sense,

good common sense,

to the vast majority

of good faith American citizens,

from all walks of life.


Those good faith

“working class” Americans

who voted for him

were known as Reagan Democrats.

RDs. Arr-Dees.



Similarly... I am a Mama republican.

As an intelligent, civilized,

essential part of

American Prosperity and Posterity,

we’re known as The Mrs.

I Constitutionally Represent

the Rights of good faith citizens

from all walks of life,

especially the needs, and protections,

and good faith life and productivity

of moms, dads, and their sweetheart

trusting, intelligent



I truly do represent

the little guy...

from conception,

to birth, to being raised up

and trained

in the way of intelligent civilized

American life and liberty.



I also represent the Constitution Rights

of my good faith

intelligent civilized Americans

who have the Right

to personally heal

and personally maintain their health,

even to include the

intelligent, mindful

relaxation and celebration

good faith

natural marijuana



Natural marijuana

saved my life.


I had no experience

with such noble plant,

until my children were grown,

in college,

and I began having serious,

life-threatening trauma issues

as a result of

criminal adulterous home invasion

and relentless threat.


It’s a well documented account

of what this faithful wife and mom

experienced first hand

and then as a true explorer of science

and truth,


for the healing

of nations.


Having the opportunity

to live in the Great American State

of Florida

during their “baby step” approach

to “medical” marijuana introduction

and then watching the politicization

of the “restrictions” and “fees”

and “accesses”...

plus the gross violations of

Constitution protected Rights

of individual privacy,

person, life, and livelihood,


as a fellow good faith American

I would encourage you

as a good faith medical doctor

to not play politics

with such noble,

natural plant...

holding the good faith citizens

of Virginia

“hostage” to incompetent,


but “credentialed”

“medical” doctors

given “lists” of “allowable” diseases

or afflictions

for “medical marijuana” treatment

but not others,

who have equal Right

to self-preservation

and even common, intelligent,

responsible relaxation and celebration.


I watched

as “clinic” after “clinic”

was set up in our Florida communities

and surrounding areas

that had varying fees

and varying requirements

just to get a medical marijuana “card”

and then additional fees

and requirements

for specific derivatives of marijuana

but not the actual plant material itself.

That, was an “extra” doctor visit,

and “extra” assessment

for access to a

one source

in the entire state website

where a “patient” could then

order for yet another additional cost,

the quantified compounded variations

of tinctures, and vaping, and salves,

and occasionally available,

small “doses” of actual

plant material.


It was a disaster

for those who truly thrive

on regular intelligent

marijuana therapy

with no adverse side-effects,

and actually show great increase

in productivity, overall outlook on life,

and quality of

overall health and physical activity.



Virginia is smarter than that

exploitive, political “baby step” charade.


Good faith Virginians

have grown premium quality


for generations.

It’s really not much of a transition,

with far greater health and safety benefits,

especially since our founding fathers

knew the benefits of

cannabis and hemp

and thought nothing of growing and

intelligently productively enjoying

such noble, natural crop

right here in Virginia.


I am thankful

you have decriminalized marijuana

in the Great United State of Virginia.


For those with specific health issues

who find great relief and Happiness

with intelligent, responsible use

of such natural solution...

it is a glorious first step.


As Constitution Rights Representative


please do not subject

good faith Virginians

to the incompetence and ignorance

of those just simply trying to

exploit and profit

selling compounded derivatives

that mislead the general public

in efficacy and efficiency

as to the true healing properties

of the natural plant itself.


I am

a Mama Republican.

While two, elderly, grown adult men

are illogically, verbally

“brawling” with each other

in some strange old world

political alpha dominance ritual to

be “popular”

and “inspire” mindful consideration

for what would be

an illogical self-inflicted vote

of tyrannical restriction and

suspension of all common sense rationale,


I am intelligently standing for the Office

of Constitution Representative President

of the United States

to uphold, protect, and preserve

The Constitution Rights

of good faith American citizens

from all walks of

Life, Liberty, and good faith pursuits

of Happiness.


Love you Goose.

Thanks for answering my call.

As Constitution Representative President,

I also look forward to restoring

the integrity of communication

that all good faith Americans

know and should be able to Trust,

when simply answering

our phones

when the phone rings

and not be hassled by



and unsolicited sales, phishing,

and data mining



Talk to you again soon.






I’m Mary Murphy.

To kids of all ages,

I’m known as Mama Murphy.


Because I love this Great nation of ours,

I am standing for The Office

of The Constitution Representative


of The United States.


I do not run against any fellow American.


As a Nation

We are not divided.


Those who would insist otherwise

do not fundamentally understand

who, what, and why

United States Citizens

are always


against all enemies

foreign and domestic.


It makes no difference.

There is no “challenge”

to Our Constitution Sovereignty,

not in individual good faith,

or in individual United Stand as

free and prosperous citizens.


As The Constitution Representative


of the United States

it is my Duty

and Solemn Oath

to hold Certain

those very Triumphant


of Life, Liberty, and

Intelligent Civilized Life.


We stand United,

because we personally


those Truths,

knowing there is nothing

that can, will, or shall

divide us.


If by some miracle of Providence

I am appointed

by vote of the American people

and affirmed by the Electoral College

to stand

as The Constitution Representative


of The United States,


it is my glorious,

thankful delight,

to faithfully, honorably affirm

The Constitution Rights

Assurances and Protections

for each good faith

United States citizen.



Much Love,

Mama Murphy






Today’s LOUD presentation,

was not a simulation

or a dramatization.


Good Faith Life

really is

an Act

of Awesome,



Positive Possible.


It’s simply a choice.


A choice to live

your individual American life

as an Intelligent Civilized

human being

in kindness, decency,

productivity, and success


that doesn’t harm,

violate, infringe, or take

that same good faith life


from another fellow American.


We’re all on the same team.


If your personal or business

“success” strategy

depends on the ignorance,

sickness, depravity,

weakness, sinfulness, or violence

of others,


that’s not success

in The Constitution Protected

United States of America.


We value,



and promote

Intelligent Civilized Life


in this Great, Kind, and

Prosperous Nation.



The Cure for the Common Cold
and Divine Healing of America


is a great way to start.


I love you.

Peace be with you.