November 20, 2020


2020: Act Three: Scene One


As Mama listened

to the narrative

being broadcast out

over the airwaves,

it soon became self-evident

the acolyte and choirboy youngins from

the New York diocese

had been having a little too much fun

wielding their Sheepdog roles

in the annual Christmas nativity play.


Sheepdogs train and herd the flock

keeping them in line and protected

from wolves that might

invade and start inviting members

of the flock out for dinner.


Bless their hearts,

in their effort to protect the flock

from wolves,

those little youngins

had started freaking out

that golly just about anything

might harm the sheep and so

they had decided amongst themselves

to step up their game

and become Devil’s Advocates

to teach the sheep

how and why

it was important to learn

to protect themselves.


Well sure as boys will be boys,

they soon forgot

sheep know how to live and graze

perfectly fine on their own

in Life, Liberty, and Happiness

especially with the fine

wolf-proof wall and alert system

the Founding Farmer had dutifully built

so there never was any danger

of actual wolves getting in

and taking over the countryside.


Pretty soon those youngins

started messin’ with the flock

just a little too rough

and a little to ugly

enjoying playing Devil’s Advocates

and teachin’ the sheep a lesson.


That’s when the phones

on Mama’s desk started ringing

asking if she would go in

and see just what those boys

from the New York Diocese

were up to that was causing

such a sheep ruckus

there would be no wool

for mittens

or kerchiefs

or caps

or little lambs for Mary

to bring

to laugh and play

at school.






a district under the pastoral care
 a bishop in the Christian Church.

Origin: Middle English: 
 Old French diocise,
from late Latin diocesis, from Latin dioecesis 
‘governor’s jurisdiction, diocese’, from Greek dioikēsis 
‘administration, diocese’,
from dioikein ‘keep house, administer’.







Oh Buttercup!


Tell Wesley the Sicilians

are running a WWF

good cop / bad governor play.


Tell Sistermaryjesusnun

to round up the boys

and give them remedial

Constitution Rights instruction

in Character.


Will do Mama.

I had you on speakerphone,

and Sistermaryjesusnun is already

on the stage woahing the kids

and their four horses

so the angels and heavenly host

can get the manger set up

for the shepherds procession

celebrating their berth

in this year’s Nativity Bowl



You know kids these days...

always trying to run

Armageddon scripts

on the same stage as Bethlehem

in the time of Caesar Augustus Glutton.




(often in a sports context) a situation or position in an organization or event.




Nice try NY Sicilian Sheriff...

but your “constitution” training

is clearly deficient.

No United States governor

has the authority

to issue executive orders

that violate Constitution Rights

of good faith citizens

through unconstitutional

agencies and departments.


Good faith citizens need no license

to serve his good faith neighbor

a glass of beer

a glass of wine

or an ounce of whiskey.


Good faith citizens need no license tag

to ride a horse,

ride a bicycle,

or drive a car.


They do need to know

how to drive that transportation

safely and responsibly

and not like a bat out of hell

or a clown in a demolition derby,

but that’s an education thing,

not a pay us this much money

every year or you’ll be in big trouble

and you’ll never drive again

harassment and extortion threat.


Our founding fathers

did not issue “license tags”

for every citizen to ride a horse

around town

or even from state to state.


They didn’t give citations

for parking that horse

outside a saloon

just a little too long.


They didn’t require

those with the intelligence, skill,

ability, and craftsmanship

to create delicious meals

for locals and visiting travelers

to have a “license”

just to do

what they love

in preparing great meals

for hundreds.


That personal productivity

is their livelihood.

That personal productivity

is their way of life.


It is unfortunate

that uncivilized “competition”

insists that the only way

to be successful

is to besmirch

and tear down your fellow citizen

and their livelihood.


It’s self-evidently violent,


and bullying.


Good faith American citizens

do not act “ruthlessly”

against good faith fellow citizens

and certainly not for

nothing more than to stand on top of

a heap of destruction

they intentionally inflicted,

beat their chests like brute beasts,

and then declare themselves

king of the world

in a Nation where

impositions of forced rule and tyranny

are Constitution prohibited and illegal.


That the WWF Sicilian tag team

from New York

has put on their big boy Underoos

and stepped up Madison Squared

Garden of Eden tyranny...


while most certainly

comical and entertaining

especially with their

New York’s finest Brooklyn accents,



good faith American citizens’

Constitution Rights of

Life, Livelihood, and Liberty

shall not be violated

anywhere in the United States

even while they are in

the public arena, parks, plazas,

commons, malls, streets, roads,

and theater.


Boys. My goodness.

Think about it for just a minute.

You... as fellow Americans

are attempting to suggest

that as long as people are

only in their homes

they can do whatever they want,


but by golly

as soon as they step out that front door

in America

suddenly the Sicilian governor

owns and controls all the light touches

by executive order

and citizens have to comply

with whatever he forces them to do?



The Constitution Rights of citizens

do not stop outside their home.


The effects of their work,

their good faith livelihood,

whether as an employee

or a good faith proprietor

kindly, responsibly providing

goods and services

to their fellow good faith

United States citizens

in expectation of

understood financial exchange

is that which is so great about

the United States free market system.


If you do great work

you make great money

and are allowed to keep

and spend that money

in the way that best supports

you and your life responsibilities.


Without that good faith work,

without that good faith business,

there is no economy.


For the pretending

Constitution Representative

“presidential-elect” charlatan to insist

this time

he’s not going to shut down the economy

he’s only going to

shut down the “virus”...

and yet insists all citizens have

100 percent “virus” potential


even with no symptoms

and a herd immunity rate

of over 99 percent


and yet still

has openly declared his

“executive plan”

to mandate forced, asinine,

universal facemasking,

universal vaccination,

and universal subjugation to

distancing, travel restrictions,

and quarantines

regardless of individual health,

fitness, and individual permission,


which effectively

does indeed

most certainly

shut down the economy


and is just out and out downright

criminal thuggery

old world mafia




extremely stupid or foolish.

Origin: late 15th century:
from Latin asininus, from asinus ‘ass’.



(the Mafiaan organized international body of criminals, operating originally in Sicily and now especially in Italy and the US
and having a complex and ruthless behavioral code.

Origin: Italian (Sicilian dialect),
originally in the sense ‘bragging’.



commotion; a fuss.



a state of confused and noisy disturbance.

 civil insurrection.



Oh Buttercup!


Have you sent Wesley out

to match writs with the

tag teaming Sicilian wrestlers?


My goodness Quo.

Son, you are a handsomely articulate

fellow American citizen


and yet, even you would have to admit

it is pretty darn arrogant

to insist that all human being citizens

in your sphere of governor responsibility

are 100 percent potential viruses.


So little faith, my son.

Don’t travel!

Don’t visit family!

Don’t this!

Don’t that!


Sweetie my goodness.

Did you parent your own children like that?

Just basically lock them up

in a plastic bubble,



with never so much as even

a hug or smile

from their own father?


Bless your heart.

Did the nuns scare the bejesus out of you

as a kid or something?


Think of how cold

New York winters get.


Think how old you are

this very day.



come here young man...

this applies to you too.


Think about this boys.

Wait... where’s the Blahzie?

Goodness gracious,

no wonder its all a mess up here

in the New York State of Mind.


Sheriff Sicilian...

go find the Blahzie so I only have to

have this good healthy

Fortitude conversation



[ Thankfully,
the Blahzie was just down the hall
and Sheriff Sicilian didn’t have to go out
on the streets of New York in his superhero
WWF underoos without his
Philadelphia Rocky warm-up robe.



While we all as good faith Americans

have certainly enjoyed

getting to listen to the glorious

New York accents that bring

your special endearing sparkle of

old world charm and hard line protector

into this very 21st Century

technologically advanced world,


those old world methods

of New York gangsta

and Robin Hoodian vigilanty-ism


are quite unnecessary

in this intelligent, civilized

good faith American day and time.


Aww Mama!

We love playing gangstas

and coppers and crooks.

It’s how we keep the flocks in line.

We scare the bejesus out of them

and then always make sure

to donate generously

to Sistermaryjesusnun’s

annual Christmas fund drive

to take care of all the little ones

who have no good faith parents

to teach them right and wrong,

good and evil,

and rich dad, poor dad, faithful dad.


Aww Mama.

We didn’t mean any harm,

we just were having fun

ruffling indigenous citizens

who have no idea

just how awesome our

Constitution Rights protected

freedoms and liberties

truly are.


Most of our fellow Americans

and especially our fellow New Yorkers

don’t have any clue what

The Declaration of Independence says,

or even what our founding fathers

fought a hand-to-hand,


Revolutionary War

to declare Independence from.



scare the bejesus out of someone
verb phrase

frighten someone very much.



disturb the smoothness or tranquility of.

• disconcert or upset the composure of (someone).




Boys. I want you to pull out your

personal copy

of The Declaration of Independence

and read out loud

those things that define the acts

of a tyrant.


Being a Constitution Representative

Governor or Mayor

doesn’t give you the authority

to inflict tyranny,

scare the bejesus out of citizens,

or ruffle their good faith lives.


Boys you are protectors,

defenders, and preservers

of the Peace,

of Domestic Tranquility,

of individual good faith

Life, Liberty, and Trust.


Look down that list there

to the tenth description of tyranny

our ancestors fought a Revolution

to make sure no American

was ever treated like that again:


He has erected a multitude of New Offices,
and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.





Underoo Sheriff of Sicily.



It doesn’t matter how many

“agencies” or “departments”

or extorted “permits” or “licenses”

you or those before you



made up

to create Offices

and then send swarms of “officers”

to harass our good faith

United States citizens of New York

or any other state...


you can’t

hold good faith citizens hostage

on lockdown in their homes,

or take another citizens’s livelihood

so only you and your friends

can run those businesses.

It’s like forcibly taking food

directly off the tables

of friends, neighbors,

and fellow countrymen.


Did any of you youngins

ever in all your growing up here

in New York City or New York state...

did you ever

in all your lifetime

ever have to

walk around naked

at all times in all places?


Golly Mama no!

That wouldn’t be right

for everyone to have to walk around

naked all the time

regardless if they had clothes or not.

That would be terrible!


Well sons... why not?

You were born that way.

Clearly you weren’t born

wearing a facemask

or socially distanced

from family and family friends

the moment you were born.

And even if you were abandoned

by your parents

someone fed you

and clothed you

and kept you warm enough

that you survived

the cold temperatures

of New York and New York City

and not one time

during all those years

did anyone force you

to put a cloth over your mouth and nose

and restrict your breathing of fresh air.


Not once.


Think of all the times

you went to the doctor.

Not one of those times

did those doctors ever wear

a facemask,

let alone socially distance from you

when they were listening

to your heartbeat

and your breathing,

checking your reflexes,

and eyes, and ears, and nose, and mouth.


Not once.


And boys...

you’re telling me,

you boys are listening to everything

only Fouci says about “health”

and then telling every single individual

good faith healthy New Yorker

they can’t go about their normal


Winter Wonderland lives

like they too

have always done

happily, in good health and prosperity?




The only kiddos that need a time out...

are you.


Quo... bless your heart.

Being governor of the

Great United States state of New York

in no way

gives you the authority

to dictate and regulate

an individual good faith citizen’s

life and livelihood...

especially not through

the pretended acts of “agencies”

and “departments”

completely unconstitutional

and illegal in very premise

and should never have been formed

in the first place.




That excuse of “executive order”

because you think you “control” the

“health departments”

and “ATF agencies”

and even “DOT” licensing

which illegally requires citizens

to relinquish

their 4th Amendment Rights

of person and property (vehicle)

against illegal search and seizure

or they’re not allowed to drive...


all those departments and agencies

completely violate

the Constitution Rights

of good faith United States citizens...

and therefore

have no authority whatsoever

to issue “orders or mandates”

to be enforced.



you all...

each one of you

are being ugly tyrants

against millions and millions

of good faith


sweetheart citizens

who thought the world of you

until you all of a sudden began

forcing your hoodlum gangster dictates

against life, liberty, and livelihood.


Not one of you

regardless of

Constitution Representative position

has the authority to bully

and force

and extort

and detain

good faith United States

American New Yorker citizens.


Not one of you.


To say

you don’t give a damn about

The Constitution...

as you’re illegally ordering

tyranny against Common Sense

good faith citizens...


We hereby

take that statement

as your personal statement

of resignation

of Constitution Representative



White Labcoat Wearer,

and Sicilian Underoo Sheriff...


especially you... “sicilian sheriff”

going out there on the

nationally syndicated radio airwaves

and putting out false information

attempting to validate

unconstitutional executive orders

essentially saying our citizens were safe

as long as they were in their homes,

but if they were anywhere in public

they had to bow down

and surrender

to whatever Quo or Blahzie

and Party Supply Store Labcoat Fouci

decided to prank

against life, lunchmoney,

and the economy.


Boys you need to apologize

to the good faith citizens

of New York

New York City,

and the United States.

You are not worthy

to call yourselves leaders

of such kind, sweetheart citizens

willing to listen to those

in “authority”

in good faith...

but only so much as it doesn’t threaten

their very life, livelihood, and existence.



the effects of cold temperature

are not a disease.


The effects of cold temperature

are not a virus.


If someone doesn’t have symptoms,

they’re not “infected” with anything...


they’re healthy.


Infection is caused by

poor circulation and stagnation.

It’s why those who

do not exercise regularly

or are substantially overweight

usually have underlying health issues

and are more susceptible

to yucky, life threatening, disease.


The majority of good faith citizens

are perfectly healthy and capable

of determining our own “risk” assessment

when it comes to socialization,


and even buying a house

or setting up a business,


and The Constitution Rights

we have as good faith citizens

Protect, Uphold, and Preserve

that very Independence

and individual self-determination.


You’re not our fathers.

You’re not our mothers.

And you’re certainly not

our physicians.


Boys. You’re treating

super intelligent



prosperous citizens

like they were 6 year old little kids

at the whim of a

weak, fearful, sickly

overprotective parent


or a psychopathic, serially assaulting

white lab coat wearing child abuser


and The Constitution

gives you no authority

to do that.


In fact,

just on citizen loss of income alone

directly caused by your

illegal writs of prank,


The Constitution charges you

with equivalent

per citizen counts of treason,


and breach of the Peace.



Betrayal of your

fellow good faith countrymen...

is treason.

Purposely prohibiting

the free exercise of

good faith Life and Livelihood

regardless of individual health,

just declaring all citizens

are a potential virus...

and therefore attempting to

fine, harass, or detain them


is treason.



Giving oath

of Constitution Representative office

to uphold, protect, and preserve

The Constitution Rights

of your fellow good faith

American citizens,

and then openly stating

you don’t give a damn

about The Constitution

or what The Constitution says

as you issue illegal, oppressive,

one-size-fits-all “health” restrictions,

something you have no authority to do...

is felony perjury.


You gave false oath of

Constitution Representative position

and have used that position

to inflict tyranny against good faith

American citizen New Yorkers,

and in Fouci’s case...

the entire United States citizenry.



Issuing such gross violations

of good faith intelligent civilized

Freedom and Liberty,

destroying the ability for individuals

to earn a living and maintain

mortgage or rental housing contracts...


is specifically prohibited,

and is a direct violation and

Breach of the Peace...

Domestic Tranquility.


Even the Underoo Sicilian Sheriff

readily admitted his phone

was ringing off the hook

with sweetheart citizens calling

seriously concerned,

their personal peace

completely violated,

at the very thought

that just simply celebrating

a family gathering

could some how subject them

to fines,


or unlawful seizure or

confiscation of property.


Businesses too.

Mom and pop

family owned businesses...

assaulted and threatened in such a way

that their very businesses might be

jeopardized and forced to shut down

if they did not comply

with your arbitrary


illegal demands.



Under those three conditions,

treason, felony, and breach of the peace,

The Constitution,

which you don’t give a damn about

but good faith Americans sure do,

is very clear.


For any one, two, or all three

of those violations of Representative trust,

each of you are to be immediately

removed from office

by True good faith, Constitution sworn

law enforcement,


and the “powers” of independent


having long ago returned to the People

will hold as always, in perpetuity,

fortressed and secure,


until suitable replacement...

Constitution Representative


can be appointed.


Good faith American citizens

are not subject

to tyranny,


especially those

so arrogant as to openly publicly state

they don’t give a damn

what The Constitution says.



thanks for bringing these boys

to my attention.

Glad to match writs

with a bunch of Sicilians


when Life and Liberty...


needs defending, affirmation,

and restoration.


Excellent training exercise boys.


is certainly proud of your

Devil’s Advocate


in the training up

of good faith

United States

Constitution Rights protected



Just remember...

you can never force

pretended acts.

And pretending you’re mafia dons

playing coppers and crooks

on all the world’s a stage...

never gives you the authority

to force

that play acting

on good faith American citizen

Life, Liberty, and Prosperity.


And besides...

Sistermaryjesusnun is still looking for

the world’s best marinara sauce

for her annual

Spaghetti Bake and Jam Session

during The Almighty University

funding and endowment drive.


It takes a lot of spaghetti

to build a university,

and even though

Aunt Tifa sent a few handfuls bricks,

I’ve heard you boys,

and Trump

most definitely know how

to get great works of

architectural wonder

built for the good and Glory

of Great



American Life.



Much Love,

Mama Murphy






I’m Mary Murphy.

To kids of all ages,

I’m known as Mama Murphy.


Because I love this Great nation of ours,

I stand for the office of

The Constitution Representative


of The United States.


I do not run against any fellow American.


As a Nation

We are not divided.


Those who would insist otherwise

do not fundamentally understand

who, what, and why

United States Citizens

are always


against all enemies

foreign and domestic.


There is no “challenge”

to Our Constitution Sovereignty,

not in individual good faith,

or in individual United Stand as

free and prosperous citizens.


As The Constitution Representative

President of the United States

it is my Duty

and Solemn Oath

to hold Certain

those very Triumphant


of Life, Liberty, and

Intelligent Civilized Life.


We stand United,

because we personally


those Truths,

knowing there is nothing

that can, will, or shall

divide us.


By miracle of Providence

and technology,

it is my glorious,

thankful delight,

to faithfully, honorably affirm

The Constitution Rights

Assurances and Protections

for each good faith

United States citizen.



Much Love,

Mama Murphy







Today’s LOUD presentation,

was a dramatic, Advent performance,

citizen training simulation.


Good Faith Life

really is

an Act

of Awesome,



Positive Wonder,


and Possibility.


It’s simply a choice.


A choice to live

your individual American life

as an Intelligent Civilized

human being

in kindness, decency,

productivity, and success


that doesn’t harm,

violate, infringe, or take

that same good faith life


from another fellow American.


As good faith American citizens,

we’re all on the same team.


If your personal or business

“success” strategy

depends on the ignorance,

sickness, depravity,

weakness, sinfulness, or violence

of others,


that’s not success

in The Constitution Protected

United States of America.


We value,



and promote

Intelligent Civilized Life


in this Great, Kind, and

Prosperous Nation.



My new coursebook,

The Cure for the Common Cold
and Divine Healing of America


is a great way to start.


I love you.

Peace be with you.






And boys...

I’d love to work with

your amazing

world class architects,


and contractors

to build

The Almighty University

fully funded and endowed

with your lavish support,


and shared blessing.


A Dio sia la gloria.