Inspiro Concordia

(Inspire Harmony)


June 2020


2020: Act 1: Scene 3

After the interactive forum

with The League of United Dynamics


sitting on stage

like a Jay and Silent Bob

meet and greet

with Kevin Hart,

Joe Rogan,

and Elon...


a request was made

to contact DJ

about re-opening

the Sunshine in Life.


As is her directive and gift,

Mama was glad to bring news

from the West Coast

which could truly

get the United States economy

back up,



and roaring again

just in time

for the summer season.



Brrring! Brrring!





Mr. DJ America?


Hi Mama Murphy!

What’s the news from upstate Florida?


Well DJ,

Ron is doing such a good job,

learning to be a great

Constitution Representative leader,

even with all the silliness

those villains at HHS

were “recommending” to you two

and all our True

Constitution Representatives.


In understandable caution,

and limited guidelines,


he went ahead and

opened up the beaches first,


and then,

a couple of weeks later,

started allowing vacation rentals

to take reservations again

for the normal summer

tourist season.



do you know

on Sunday

of Memorial Day weekend,

we had the largest crowds

on the beaches we’ve seen here

in at least a decade...

maybe ever.


It was glorious!


All sorts of families,

and friends,

and just everyday people

making sure

to celebrate

the Memorial Day


on the beach,

in the fresh air and

good healthy sunshine.


There were so many people

coming here

outside their normal time

of coming to the beach,


no one anticipated

the parking issues

of that many people

from all those states

unnaturally coming here

all at once

because they hadn’t been able

to travel back and forth

to the beach on their regular

Spring schedules.


It was a great problem to have, really,

and one that anyone

who has ever scheduled a one day

or weekend event

knows exactly how to handle...

and plan for.


I mean

when they have a county fair,

every year

up in Wilson County, Tennessee,

our local event planners

and city and county managers,

knew they needed

a certain group of citizens

to stand out in the fields

where all the fair goers would be parking

and carefully, methodically

in an orderly fashion and distance

direct each visitor to a parking space

so no one blocked any main roads

or was blocked in

by someone else

parking behind them.


They did that up at the

NASCAR stadium they built

outside of Nashville too...

and what was fun is

the racetrack actually set aside

a certain portion of

the day’s proceeds

as a designated “parking crew”

charitable fund

that booster organizations

like high school bands,

and sporting teams,

and even civic clubs,

could volunteer for as a fundraiser,


they would provide

a certain number of


maturely responsible workers

for the event.


Either way,

that’s something to think about,

especially in other states,

when they re-open events and parks

and recreation areas

where people have been

unconstitutionally restricted

from their normal

good faith comings and goings

and wholesome enjoyments in life.


DJ, bless your heart,

I’m glad the NIAID spokesperson

is starting to realize there’s more

to “scientific recommendation”

than looking at a data set

of only sick people

and thinking that’s all there is.


That’s what’s awesome

about strong, healthy, active

United States citizens


we really don’t have much need

for “mandatory” sickcare

and especially

universal mandatory

sickcare insurance,

for something We know how to


and not experience in the first place.


It’s not rocket science.


But golly, bless her heart

that sweetie spokesperson

from the NIH

sure sounded silly


attempting to

“recommend” over the airwaves

during the Memorial Day Holiday

that facemasks should be worn

at all times

when outside your house.


Bless her heart.


I walked the beach

that very Sunday,

helicopters flying by at low altitude

to get those few seconds of

video footage

of all the good healthy crowds

celebrating our Soldiers

and the Freedoms

they secured for Us

with their very lives

on those very beaches

and all around the world.



I’m gonna get real serious

just a moment.

There is no comparison

during the Memorial Day Holiday

to those who have died

of old age in a nursing home,

because of insufficient

knowledge, activity, and

“pharmaceutical” hostage taking

during a fake media attempt

to overthrow

The United States Constitution

and Good Faith United States Citizens


and those Soldiers

who have died

supporting, securing,

and preserving

Our United Freedoms and Liberty.


I heard that nonsense on the airwaves

attempting to equate those who have died

of old age... even older than

the average life expectancy

during this “non-pandemic”

as the reason We celebrate and honor

Memorial Day.


My goodness who are these people.


Flying the United States Flag

at half mast

after 9/11

was understandable

and temporarily appropriate.


Those fellow citizens

were just going about

their daily, healthy, active,

productive lives.


Inactive citizens

in nursing homes

being held hostage

to old mindsets and assumptions

both personally and by

“medical personnel”

about age and “inevitable” death,


and those with behavioral

underlying sickness conditions,


do not

in any way


the Life Force


which Great American





and sustain

Productively, Prosperously,

and Successfully.


It’s why We are

United States Americans.


Our enemies,

if there are any

actually still around

in this day and time of

Intelligent Civilized Life,


love to see

the United States Flag

flying at half mast,


if they did something

to lower that Flag.


Pretty childish really,



And as a Good Faith

United States Superhero

hearing that silly

NIH spokesperson

attempt to unconstitutionally

continue to “mandate”


after seeing those awesome

healthy crowds on the beach...



I’m concerned that she might have

some sort of underlying sickness

she needs Superhero

insight on

and just doesn’t want to admit

manmade pharmaceuticals

don’t have the answers.


It’s why flu vaccines,

don’t work,

and actually make healthy people


when they didn’t need to be.



do you know

that’s pharmaceutical assault

and poisoning?


Actually “recommending”

or worse, “mandating” 

a substance that causes illness

be shoved or forced

into a person?


Pretty silly really.

Especially when

some of those

not-superhero “hospitals”

were not allowing

regular visitation

by friends or loved ones

to make sure

they were being fed,

properly hydrated,

and got regular exercise and

could at least

look out a window

every now and then,

if they hadn’t built up

enough strength

to sit up in a wheelchair

and go outside

in the fresh air

and sunshine.


Golly gee, DJ.

It’s no wonder

no one wants to have anything to do

with any medical “recommendation”

or “procedure” now.


Being held hostage,

against your will

and your family’s will...


my goodness gracious...

that’s criminal.


There’s no “pandemic”

when 99.59 percent of

United States citizens

have no symptoms.


That’s some sort of other


that should be

Executively stopped



Have you annulled

the ACA yet?


You sure can.


If something is unconstitutional,

it cannot be introduced,

let alone ratified into

pretended “law”.


It was invalid to begin with,

and therefore

doesn’t need

a two-thirds majority “vote”

to repeal...

especially if there have been


in certain areas of some States

that have unlawfully,

counted non-citizens for “funding”,

and manipulated population “increase” 


of “representative” seats

in the House of Representatives,

and thus anti-Constitution,

false Oath “representative” voting


that would block a

legitimate fellow citizen

Constitution Representative

two-thirds majority vote

for repeal.


These kids.

They come up with all sorts of

silliness sometimes.


I looked at the map

of the number of Representatives

in the House

from the Great State of California

just the other day...


and DJ,

my goodness,

it’s no wonder Gavin

and Mrs. Pelosi

are so welcoming of


in California...


the more “people”...

the more Representatives

you have from your State

in the House of Representatives.


Cheating on that

“more people” part

by including non-citizens

and allowing non-citizens to vote

in your United States State...


is illegal,


and an act of Fraud

against The United States.


And you know what that means DJ?


There’s a whole lot of “representatives”

holding the Good Faith

United States Citizens of California


to really stupid,





and those other



no Constitution authority

to enforce.


You know what else that means?

Those extra “non-citizen” population

“representative” Seats in Congress...


are invalid.


Yes DJ.

The days of

so goes California,

so goes the rest of the country,


when it comes to

attempting to

stack the House of Representatives

or stack our courts

with “representatives”

or “judges”

who do not uphold, protect, and preserve

The Constitution and Bill of Rights


for each individual United States citizen

in their assigned area...


are over.


None of those pretended



or Congressional “votes”

are valid...


and can be immediately



No two-thirds majority



Did you hear that

great big Awesome breath

of Freedom and Liberty

Superhero United States Californians

just breathed?


Is it possible...

that instead of half mast...

here in the Greatest Nation on Earth,

We could have a special position

for our United States Flags

even Greater

than flying

Full Strength

at the Top of the poles

on those Days

when all Great Superhero Americans

cheer together

in One





like that scene

in the Avengers

when Thor’s Score-Settling

Pillar of White Hot Illumination

lights up the battlefield


forever changes

the course of death

to Life?


Sort of like

walking out on a dark football field

and turning on all the stadium lights

all at once.


That’s some awesome

Superhero action right there.


And you know what?


If that unelected sweetie

from the NIH,

still wants to personally

wear a facemask

everywhere she goes

in public,

she can do that...

but I would remind her

that it cuts her oxygen intake

by at least 50 percent

depending on the materials

of the mask.


You know what thrives

in low oxygen?







Silly evil villains.

You have the right to remain sick.

Anything you fester can

and will be used

against you

by your own closed system of

abusive function and input.


But guess what,

in the United States of America,

you never have the right,


or power,

to force

a fellow citizen

to follow your sick



and if you attempt

to assault

healthy active citizens

by shoving or forcing

sickness derivatives

into their bodies

by “mandatory sickness directive”


as of today,

we have more than enough


in public video “recommendation”

to remove those “healthcare” hoaxers


from Public office

and give our Constitution Representative

lawyers and judges

just the sort of

wholesome Justice “cases”

against self-evident criminality


they’ve devoted

their honorable, lifelong

Good Faith legal careers

and pursuant disciplines


to bring

just such

legitimate charge,

sentence, incarceration,

and eradication.


But wait DJ,

it gets even better.


All those “representatives”

in the House and Senate

giving clear evidence of

false oath of Constitution Representation

to inflict that sort of silliness

here in the Greatest Nation on Earth...


are also on record.


Lots of video record,

pretended acts of

legislation authoring,

anti-Constitution legislation votes,

some even

personally standing

in the Capitol building,

“arguing”, filibustering,

and obstructing

against The Constitution

and The Bill of Rights protection


Foundationally Fortressed

to each good faith

United States Citizen.


Golly DJ.

What an Awesome time

to be a Good Faith

United States American.


Glad you have

Jay Sekulow by your side

Legitimately providing

Constitution-based Legal Counsel,

especially when it comes to


and our

United States Citizens of Faith.


There is no question

of the right to refuse

any so-called “medical”

or pharmaceutical imposition,



or detention.


And you have a

Constitution Right too,


to refuse

violations of person and privacy,

even as Presiding

Constitution Representative.


This silliness in recent years

by nosy political “opposition” candidates,


always from the same “party” by the way,


that those who Stand

for Constitution Representative position

need to make

tax records and income statements



my goodness gracious.


I don’t know who raised these youngin’s

to be so rude,


and uncivilized.


I mean if I wanted to

invite Duke, the Golden Retriever

to be one of my

good faith official

canine White House ambassadors,


some of those silly


would actually insist that

faithful Duke

would have to make

the secret recipe

for Bush’s Baked Beans




and if he doesn’t ...


Duke must be

hiding something.



DJ... my goodness,

I don’t really care

who these people are,

they certainly don’t need

to be in any

Constitution Representative


that has a very real



death penalty


Constitution Representative


Felony of False Oath (Perjury),

and Treason...

attempting to harm

United States Citizens,

and/or overthrow our

Constitution Representative

limited framework

of governance.



you’re doing a great job

on behalf of

Constitution protected

American Citizens.


Don’t let those silly pretenders

influence you anymore.


It’s why you’re doing such a great job.

You don’t know all the

“political angles”

and manipulations

and shenanigans

some of these career “politicians”

have thought they could get away with

by “writing” illegal legislation

that violates The Constitution limitations

on those positions.


I know I wouldn’t have realized

some of these things

if my very life and livelihood

had not been illegally violated,


and detained.


I understand that white hot,



of Right and Rite

our Founding Fathers


in securing our Freedoms

in such Triune Founding Documentation


and Supremacy.


The best thing We can do

to get past this

non-pandemic silliness

is to get out there

and enjoy Life

and have a great summer

with no further


by sickness “experts”

who, if they were in actual

medical practice,

would already be sued

for at least malpractice

and criminal assault.


We the People

need to enjoy

good wholesome

fun activities and Life

and not have any concern


that any of this nonsense

will be illegally imposed

against businesses or

good faith citizens

ever again.



is one of those

healing gifts of life

that should never be

“locked down”

“shut down”


forcibly restricted.



some of these recommendations,


is that why they insisted

on facemasks?


So when we laughed

at the very idea,

it would be muffled?


It is funny

to see our good healthy lifeguards

up on their lifeguard stands

in their lifeguard bathing suit

and no facemask,


and sitting nearby

a beach ambassador,

wearing a hat

under an umbrella,

with arm stockings

and leg stockings

underneath his shorts, shirt,

and shoes

(not flip-flops)...


and wearing a facemask

out in the fresh air


because he’s required to

as some sort of

“recommendation” requirement

for that beach ambassador position,

“greeting” everyone

who comes to our

fully open beaches

in record numbers

Memorial Day Holiday

to forget

and get past

all that nonsense

from wherever they traveled from

to be here


with Us here in upstate Florida

in the good healthy fresh air and sunshine.


At that moment,

one of the big kids

from the West Coast

listening in the background

quietly whispered,

“Psst. Mama...

don’t forget to give DJ

the message.”


Oh that’s right!


our Awesome

Good Faith Americans

over on the West Coast

were having some great discussions

about getting things back to normal

and... well... I’ll just read the request

Joe Rogan wanted to ask...


“We need to get the President

involved in all this.

Tell him…

that he’ll get the support

of all the comedians

if he just has a federal mandate

to open up all comedy clubs.

We need it. It’s an essential business.”




good wholesome comedy

is essential to Life.

I agree with those big kids

over at the Comedy Club

and all those great clubs

around the United States.


And Joe even said

he wasn’t talking about that sort of

tear each other apart

dark “humor” that some people use...

you know

wife bashing,

girlfriend bashing,

husband bashing,

that sort of vicious hurtful stuff

that bullies do

thinking it’s funny.


Nah. This is the type comedy

that you can watch

with your mom

or teenagers

and not go...


oh wow... that was really gross,

awkward, and vulgar


gosh I hope my daughter

or granddaughters are never

deceived into marrying a guy

who says he’s a Christian,

says he believes in God, the Bible,

and The Ten Commandments,

and then turns out to be

a verbally assaulting wife-cheater

they think they have to submit to

as unto the Lord,

because a “pardoned”

murderer of Christians


“recommended it”

as a Biblical “expert” and scholar.


It’s similar to fans of

Thomas the Tank Engine

not realizing

the intelligent wit and yet

fully adult comedy genius

of George Carlin,


and then taking

their 6, 7, and 8 year olds

to Zanies

thinking it would be like

a Jerry Clower schtick


or watching

Employee of the Month

and enjoying

Dane Cook’s performance


and then listening to a

stand-up event

with your teenage son

as a shared comedy

entertainment study,

as Dane describes

in unnecessary graphic detail

his sexual boredom

with groupie servicing...


as matter-of-factly

as James Earl Jones,

more discreetly

in Coming to America,

addressed his “son” Eddie Murphy’s


with dull, mindless,

“obedient concubines”

and deciding that


was the best place on Earth

a Prince could find

an intelligent, beautiful,

self-disciplined, industrious,






heals the mind,

and nourishes the soul.


Comedy Clubs

are essential.


Comedy schticks

that “glamorize”

adult sexual abuse,


and underage

sexual solicitation,

are not.


And besides,

the self-disciplining

art and mastery

of comedy

that does no harm


is just the sort of


universally enjoyed


we all

can find



and entertaining.


Talk to you again soon.

Have a great day.



Much love,

Mama Murphy






I’m Mary Murphy.

To kids of all ages,

I’m known as Mama Murphy.

Because I love this great Nation of ours, I am standing for the Office of The Constitution Representative President of the United States. I’m not running against anyone. I’m standing for the position of The Constitution Representative President of the United States in complement to our Presiding Constitution Representative. If by some miracle of Providence I am appointed by vote of the American people and affirmed by the Electoral College to stand in our highest Constitution Representative position, perhaps then my husband of 33 years will again find value and endearment towards his faithful wife as First Knight towards his Lady,

as she faithfully, honorably stands

on behalf of the American people as

The Constitution Representative President
of the United States

and Conductor-in-Chief

Mama Murphy.



a person who directs the performance
of an orchestra or choir

Origin: late Middle English 
(denoting a military leader): 
 Old French from Latin conductor, from conducere ‘bring together’.




Today’s LOUD presentation,

was a dramatization.


Sort of like Argo... combined with

Evan Almighty, Miss Congeniality,

Star Trek, The King and I,

Father of the Bride,

Bringing Down the House,

Little Miss Sunshine,

and Wonder Woman.

No actual conversations took place,


I’m not sure why conversations

like these very ones, couldn’t happen.


We’re all on the same team.


Until I do get to meet you in person,

enjoy reading the cure

for the common cold, “the flu”,

and all sorts of other

underlying sickness conditions,

and getting back to healthy, normal,


Life, Liberty, and Pursuits of Happiness.


I love you.