Inspiro Concordia

(Inspire Harmony)


Act 2: Scene 2:

Mama Murphy, comedian,

is back at the White House

standing on the front lawn

illuminated in pure spotlight.

She and her sweetie sweet grandchildren

are walking and measuring

just how many


of sunshine powered

Christmas lights

she’ll need

to illuminate

the words

I Love America

over the front entrance stairs.







the children in excitement exclaimed.

All boys and girls

in America

and around the world

will love our Christmas message.


“Yes sweet ones!”

Mama replied.

Millions and millions

of good faith people




this country.


As their Presiding Representative,

honored to stay

in such a beautiful, iconic,

architecturally classic home,



in sunshine powered lights

the words

“I Love America”

is my reflection

and gratitude

for their confidence

and affirmation

in appointing me

as the Presiding Proxy Representative

on their behalf.


Think of all the moms and dads,

boys and girls,

and everyday men and women

who truly love this country

and have built on that foundation

of peace, honor, and security

for generations.




In Beauty, Radiance,

Intelligence, and Strength.

That’s this amazing Land

and who We are

as individually sovereign

American citizens.


No wonder we are so

blessed and esteemed

in the eyes of God

and in the hearts and minds

of Mankind.



You see when you plan,

and those before you planned,

and those before those planned...


foundation, continuity, and fortress

is mutually established


and you secure that place of safety

and sanctuary

called Home,


the Homeland


of Good Faith citizens

to live in peace

and thrive


for their Goodness,



and Good Will

towards all Nations.


We are the Light,

the Reflection,

the Representation and

and Effect

of Noble Individual Freedom,


and wholesome,

self-disciplined, self-governed Pursuit.


I love America.


Mama. We love America, too.

The White House

will be especially shimmering

and beautiful

in sunshine powered light

this Christmas season

for all those

who love America, too.






I’m Mary Murphy.

To kids of all ages,

I’m known as Mama Murphy.


Because I love this great Nation of ours,


I’m standing

for the Office of

President of the United States.


I am not running against anyone.

I am standing for the Office of President


as the best Representation


of what represents the Best


in each of us.


Who we are.

What we aspire to.


The stuff great life is made of.


If by some miracle of Providence

I am appointed

by vote of the American people

to our highest

Representative position,

perhaps then

my husband of almost 33 years

will again find value

and endearment towards

his faithful wife

as First Knight towards his Lady,

as she faithfully, honorably stands

on behalf of the American people


as President and Commander-in-Chief

Mama Murphy.



More soon.


Much love,




* * * *


the Sunshine powered

Lucky Corvette.


Unlimited miles.

Zero emission.

Zero fuel cost.


And if Trump

wants another 4 years as President,


driving to Orlando

to apprentice as CEO Disney

alongside Bob Iger,

never has to worry

about running out of gas,

or charging an electric vehicle

in the rain.


It’s pure, dynamic performance

and faithfully maintains

the beefy

Corvette curves and backend.

What a concept.


We can do this.


And the best part...

there’ll be no politics,


or politicians



Just American citizens

doing what America does best...


Good faith... unlimited.™