July 9-10, 2020

2020: Act Two:


The mission

is Self-evident,


and gloriously



All those in the room

Knew it.


They Know the Facts, and

Renew Intelligent

Civilized Life.


Knew it.


It’s like that thing

you’ve Known all along

but never really thought

you personally

would actually be

called upon

to Act Too

and simply be

the Awesome,




Sweetheart person

you Truly are.


Boys and girls of all ages...

The Almighty

directed my attention today,


through a series of sequences,


to hear and respond to

the prayers

requesting Freedom,


a loosing of chains


that noble, good faith men and women

could stand again

upright in Spirit

and perform

His divine music

assembled together

as He alone

had created, aligned and readied

the hearts and souls of mankind

to Assemble together

to enjoy

and Delight, United.


As Mary

read the petition

to the unknown god...

the god not yet named

and understood in the halls of

pax romana,


her heart leapt

as ready and valiant

as her trusty battlehorse



She gave call

for the Resource,

and call for the Quadrants,

among the gods

of Centennial

and Parthenon,

of Athena

and Round



What is this word

you bring before us

oh servants of the house,

and servants of the hall,

servants entrusted

to attend and secure

The Almighty’s comfort and


in harmonies sacred and formed?


Read the word,

oh reporter in Martha’s Courtyard,


you so vaulted,

yet bringing

such little faith


the courts of Praise.



The word I was given to decree

was furlough.

Forgive me,

for I know not what I do.

I am but a mere messenger

of the servants charged

with the overseeing

of your Sacred Musicians

and the Divine Harmonies

assigned to this Ancient post.

This Ancient



Give the definition

oh keeper of words.

Bring the definition

so all in this Assembly

may know what charges against

this word

have brought such petitions

for relief

to the Throne of God.



lay off (workers), especially temporarily.



a discharge, especially temporary
of a worker or workers.



cancel (a contract)
because of completion or breach



roll or fold up and secure
(a flag, sail, umbrella, or other piece of fabric).

Origin: late 16th century: from French ferler, from Old French ferferm ‘firm’ + lier ‘bind’ 
(from Latin ligare).



What is it that has breached

such Good Faith and Trust Contracts

and so furled the American flag

among those of

equally good faith, trust,

and noble service,


that this court would

violate its contract

to these Sacred Musicians

and the Public United

Assembled Performance

of Sacred Harmonics and Divinities?



Read the decree of the

managing servant.


Hear ye! Hear ye!

The official post of :


All scheduled concerts have been postponed through July 31, 2021.

Like many other businesses and organizations, the Nashville Symphony has been profoundly affected by [the political psychological warfare attack on the United States], with losses thus far caused by [the psychological deception] totaling $8 million, or nearly 30% of our annual income.

The Nashville Symphony’s management has been exploring every available option to ensure the long-term sustainability of the institution. In light of our current challenges, postponing all scheduled concert activity for the next year is the best course of action to ensure that the Symphony can continue serving our community in the long run.

Without the ability to perform for the public, we are unable to generate essential operating revenue. And without that revenue, the Nashville Symphony faces a threat to its very existence. Until we have certainty that our economy can remain open, and that audiences are ready and able to return to large public gatherings, attempting to restart concert activity poses significant risks to our institution.

A total of 79 musicians and 49 full-time staff, including our conductors, will be furloughed on July 1, 2020. This was an extremely difficult decision, but we are being forced to take this action, along with the rescheduling of the entire concert season, to ensure that the Nashville Symphony can conserve its resources and reemerge intact from [the psychological deception] and remain sustainable for the long term.


It was then, that Mary asked,

And what of Martha?

Has she too

been deceived,

held captive by such tyranny?

I know she has been

faithfully building

all this time

while I was sitting at the feet

of our Lord,

being prepared and fortressed

for just such times

as these,


and yet


dear Martha

surely remembers

those same words

and concerns about our brother



If you had just been here...


this awful furloughing of Life


would not have happened.


I knew

that when

even Beethoven

heard the petitions

rising from Martha’s courtyard,


Aslan was on the move


and that Certain


you have petitioned

is already started

to restore,

bear Fruit,

and Comfort

safely in the everlasting Arms,

cradling your very souls

and calming the cries

of Knewly borne


in the Life, Liberty, and Freedom

He alone



and Preserves.



what is this Certainty

you bring to our servant Managers,

charged with the Contractual

provision and sustenance

of our Lord’s Sacred Musicians?


Wordsmith, read the definition

in the Assembly

so that All may hear and Know:



known for sure; established beyond doubt.

Origin: Middle English: from Old French,
based on Latin certus ‘settled, sure’.



Chief Justice, read the words

of Declaration

as we walk through the Courtyard

into the Garden

of Life and Liberty’s Freedom

with Praise and Thanksgiving:


We hold these truths to be self-evident:

1. That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

2. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

3. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. 

Thank you, Chief Justice.


Ladies and gentlemen,

the Certainty you have petitioned

is Certain, Granted, and Inalienable.


Wordsmith, read the definition of


in the Assembly

so that All may hear and Know:



unable to be taken away from or
given away by the possessor


Ladies and Gentlemen,

do you understand

that which you Knew

and have always lived

your Free and Independently

Sovereign Lives?


A fellow citizen

employed as a public servant,

only charged with conducting

the administrative responsibilities

of maintaining, protecting, and preserving

those Certain

Self-evident Truths...

so that each one of us,


is able in Good Faith and Trust

to live Life

free from oppression, violations,

infringements, and assaults

of person, livelihood, and property,


cannot take those Rights away,

nor can you give away those Rights

to that equal citizen,

to manage on your behalf.


Each must live

the good faith

personal responsibility

necessary to attain such

Liberty, Freedom and Grace.


You Knew this,

just as you’ve always

Known this.


Intelligent Civilized Life

needs no “babysitter”,

no “nanny” or “expert nanny”

to control their life, livelihood,

and good fortune.


In the United States,

if any public servant

makes any decree or imposes any constraint

that is destructive of good faith

Life and Livelihood,

it is the Right of the People,

individually, and United in One Accord,

to alter or to abolish such decree or constraint

and restore good faith

Life, Liberty, and Pursuits of Happiness.


Such edicts and decrees

are in direct violation

of our individual

and United Self-Governance

long Established and set forth


in The Constitution

which assures effective


and its resulting Safe,


self-protection, and

self-preservation effects.


Oh hired hand,

mere manager of

Sacred Musicians,

have you no faith,

or so little faith,


that you would


to hopelessly surrender

that which you can Never

give away,

let alone

take away

from your fellow citizens?


Closed until July 31,



Twenty Twenty-One!


Over an entire year from now?


What madness has beset you

and those who have so hypnotized

this destruction

against your fellow good faith

friends, neighbors, and countrymen?


What if it was you...

relieved of duty, and

arbitrarily furloughed

for over a year,

or until further notice?


The Almighty’s musicians

have no need

for your constraint, dereliction,

and destruction

of the life and livelihood

they each

personally entrusted

your employment contract

would provide.


These are Good Faith and Trust


between fellow

United States citizens,

fellow United States Tennesseans,

fellow United States Nashvillians.


But I am only following the orders

of those in Government

whose edicts and decrees

have forced us into these

terrible, difficult decisions.

These actions are not Happy

for any of us, but we must

protect the organization itself,

and those employment Contracts

threaten the Symphony itself.


At that, the children began giggling,

quietly, and politely,

but giggling nonetheless,

one actually bubbling up

in sweet effervescent truth:


Mama! Does that managing servant

not know the Sacred Musicians

are the Symphony?

What in the world

is he talking about...

protecting the “organization”?

What do they think is being

United and organized in beautiful

Symphonic harmony

if not our Sacred Musicians?


At that, scales fell

from the eyes of the “adults”

in the room,

so serious and forlorn

at making such an obviously

easy decision

to destroy

the lives and livelihood

of friends, neighbors and countrymen,

in the face of

illegal, unconstitutional orders

and “threats”.


My God!

What have we done!



you put the bushel

before the apples.


Ladies and gentlemen,

is there any light in a bushel?


Any beacon of freedom from

hunger or thirst?


Seems to me

you don’t even have enough

management skill

to encourage even moderate

harvest in that most glorious

of architectural bushels

graced with Martha’s

good faith name

on that courtyard,

and Laura’s

good faith name

in the chambered sanctuary itself.


I even looked to see

if the bushel

could be rented

for other events

or intimate gatherings

of even 10 people,

but all inquiries are

being refused.



That bushel

is on land in the United States,

specifically designated

and managed as a place

of intelligent, civilized

public gatherings of private citizens.


How is it that you are so ignorant

of those Rights of Freedom

which protect not only that


but the lights of each

individual Sacred Musician


Contractually performing

at that specific venue?


Boys and girls,

with your Lights,

are you supposed to

let them shine

or hide them under a bushel?


Hide them under a bushel? No!

I’m gonna let it shine!


That’s right. Good job.

Out of the mouths of children

His Truth and Righteousness

marches on,

while hypnotized adults,

wring their hands

imprisoned, and self-hostaged

by mere shadows

of a tyranny that has no

power or authority

in this Great and Blessed Land.


But what are we to do?

Those in Government,

have threatened our businesses,

and issued constraints on

our Right to peaceably Assemble

and enjoy beautiful Music

and Sacred Harmonics.


Are you in the United States?




“Those in Government”

that you keep using as an excuse

to abdicate your Certain

individual Authority

and Right to Stand

and uphold those good faith

livelihood Contracts

you gave to those Sacred Musicians,


“Those in Government”

have no such authority

to issue edicts, orders, or

pretended acts of legislation

that violate

those Good Faith and Trust

handshakes, agreements, and Contracts.


They are specifically


from doing that very thing.


Then how can we have certainty

that our economy can remain open,

and that audiences are ready

and able to return

to large public gatherings?


Chief Justice,

read the Certainty

that Our economy can remain open

in response to that good faith request

they have so petitioned

in Truth.


Certainty #1: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Certainty #2: “No State shall pass any law (ordinance, edict, declaration) impairing the Obligation of Contracts.”


Thank you again, Chief Justice.



Governor Lee,

Mayor Cooper...


Our Economy

is Open.



of Our good faith

American citizens

are ready and able to return

to large public gatherings.


They always have been.

They always will be.


Neither of you

as Constitution Representative

public servants

of the good faith United States citizens

in the Great United States State of Tennessee

have the authority

to issue edicts, orders, or threats

against the good faith life

and livelihood

of each United States citizen

in your State,


and Mayor Cooper...

my goodness gracious...

especially in Nashville, Tennessee,

famously known throughout the world

as Music City USA.


Shame on you

for being so deceived

and truly scaring the sweetheart citizens

of the Great State of Tennessee

and the Great City of Nashville,

Home of Country Music,

Gospel Music,

and Contemporary Christian Music.


Talk about a Divinely Protected City.


Do you,

either of you,

have any idea

just how many Awesome

prayers and petitions

come before the Throne of God

each and everyday

just from that One city

and its surrounding areas?


And they don’t just pray

for themselves, and their families.

They pray for their friends and neighbors.


They pray for their communities,

and those in Constitution Representative

positions in their towns, cities, and State.


And you know what,

they pray for our

Constitution Representative President too.

And those Constitution Representatives

who travel from their respective States

to Washington, DC every now and then,

to maintain

The Constitution Rights and Freedoms

that Uphold, Protect, and Preserve

each one of Us,


and United

as a strong, blessed, and prosperous



The Almighty

holds the health and safety

of each of the Faithful,

not you,


and certainly not

unelected political disease


that have pulled the wool

over all the eyes of

so called

public servants

entrusted with one

primary duty

in service to Our fellow citizens,


to uphold, protect, and preserve

The Constitution Rights

of each and every good faith citizen.


That’s it.

You are not “health” experts.


Even good faith medical professionals

know it’s not their duty to

control healthy good faith citizens.


And even when working with

fellow citizens

who individually request their

limited training and expertise,

they are on Professional Oath to

Do No Harm,

and would never force

a “patient” to do something

against their will or something

that would do more harm

than good... like wearing a facemask.


It’s why if a person

is in the hospital for “medical care”,

they are not facemasked in

the hospital bed

to help speed their recovery,

and certainly not facemasked

to protect a “healthcare” worker’s


in a nursing home

that patient will never visit.


It’s why, for example,

the governor of Virginia,

a former neurologist himself,

should have enough

common sense to remember that,

and actually Stand

and not go along with this

inane, political disease charade

of “requiring” healthy citizens

to wear facemasks in public settings.


But he’s actually promoting it too,

against his better judgment,


and thus,

has lost any credibility

he formerly had as a medical doctor,

who knows he, too, would have been

shut down and arrested

for criminal malpractice

had he tried to force

any of his patients

to do anything against their will,

or forcibly injected them with

experimental, rushed to market drugs

they did not agree to.


Dr. Ben Carson, too.

A gifted neurosurgeon!

This fellow American

had a remarkable career

as a gifted, brilliant,

brain surgeon!


And what was his assignment?

Managing public housing,

and telling people to wash their hands,

and wear facemasks too.



Understand what I mean

by their limited medical training?


Even Dr. Ben

doesn’t specifically understand

the causes

which can effect

negative physiological symptoms

and further complications.


His training was the

physical brain

to such an advanced

mechanical level

he could mechanically repair

the brain of an individual,

but even he could not ultimately

heal them.


It’s why

it’s not ever the duty

of medical doctors OR public servants in

Constitution Representative positions

to “control”

healthy, good faith citizens,


in fact,

it’s abusive, illegal, and criminal

to even attempt to do so,

let alone perpetrate such assault

against the Lives and Livelihoods

of peaceful,

good faith

Constitution abiding

American citizens.


Our citizens


have the Right

to second opinions,

third opinions,

alternative health practices,

and therapies...


and even Divine healing.


You have no authority

to force


in public settings.


Those criminal “guidelines”

violate the safety of each citizen,

as it is Common Sense

that covering

a person’s mouth and nose

restricts the amount of fresh air

and oxygen

each healthy citizen needs

to remain healthy.


It is tantamount to

issuing the slow, mass suffocation

of entire populations of our

good faith citizens.








We live in peace.

We have nothing to fear.

We are healthy, strong,

vibrant and prosperous.


And we are


you have no authority

to force

the destruction of Our economy,

our Lives, or our Livelihoods

by such ludicrous,


life threatening

decrees, orders,

pretended acts of legislation,

and dictates.






I’m Mary Murphy.

To kids of all ages,

I’m known as Mama Murphy.


Because I love this Great nation of ours,

I am standing for The Office

of The Constitution Representative


of The United States.


I do not run against any fellow American.


As a Nation

We are not divided.


Those who would insist otherwise

do not fundamentally understand

who, what, and why

United States Citizens

are always


against all enemies

foreign and domestic.


It makes no difference.

There is no “challenge”

to Our Constitution Sovereignty,

not in individual good faith,

or in individual United Stand as

free and prosperous citizens.


As The Constitution Representative


of the United States

it is my Duty

and Solemn Oath

to hold Certain

those very Triumphant


of Life, Liberty, and

Intelligent Civilized Life.


We stand United,

because we personally


those Truths,

knowing there is nothing

that can, will, or shall

divide us.


If by some miracle of Providence

I am appointed

by vote of the American people

and affirmed by the Electoral College

to stand

as The Constitution Representative


of The United States,


it is my glorious,

thankful delight,

to faithfully, honorably affirm

The Constitution Rights

Assurances and Protections

for each good faith

United States citizen.



Much Love,

Mama Murphy





Today’s LOUD presentation,

was not a simulation

or a dramatization.


Good Faith Life

really is

an Act

of Awesome,



Positive Possible.


It’s simply a choice.


A choice to live

your individual American life

as an Intelligent Civilized

human being

in kindness, decency,

productivity, and success


that doesn’t harm,

violate, infringe, or take

that same good faith life


from another fellow American.


We’re all on the same team.


If your personal or business

“success” strategy

depends on the ignorance,

sickness, depravity,

weakness, sinfulness, or violence

of others,


that’s not success

in The Constitution Protected

United States of America.


We value,



and promote

Intelligent Civilized Life


in this Great, Kind, and

Prosperous Nation.



The Cure for the Common Cold
and Divine Healing of America


is a great way to start.


I love you.

Peace be with you.