October 7, 2019


Inspiro Concordia

(Inspire Harmony)


Act 1: Scene 5:

Mama Murphy, comedian,

is standing alone on a dark stage,

illuminated in pure spotlight

attempting to reach her husband

on a smart phone that hasn’t

figured out it’s important

for friends of 32 years

to be able to talk to each other,

so as you wish, here is

a much more effective

text message

that apparently

those smart phones

couldn’t figure out

how to deliver either.













I’m Mary Murphy.

To kids of all ages,

I’m known as Mama Murphy.


Because I love this great Nation of ours,


I’m standing

for the Office of

President of the United States.


I am not running against anyone.

I am standing for the Office of President


as the best Representation


of what represents the Best


in each of us.


Who we are.

What we aspire to.


The stuff great life is made of.


If by some miracle of Providence

I am appointed

by vote of the American people

to our highest

Representative position,

perhaps then

my husband of 32 years

will again find value

and endearment towards

his faithful wife

as First Knight towards his Lady,

as she faithfully, honorably stands

on behalf of the American people


as President and Commander-in-Chief

Mama Murphy.



I’m working all this stuff out now,

amongst our LOUD fans,

so when that miracle occurs,

all this silly nonsense

will have already been publicly discussed

and I can actually be


much more effective



for the Office

of President of the United States

on behalf of

my fellow good faith American citizens,

instead of a media frenzy


to scandalize

stuff my husband did

when he lost his mind

and allowed himself to be

compromised by a student

with his own college age kids

in the same band.


Golly. Good thing

a faithful wife and mom

isn’t judged or limited by the actions

of her husband.



That wouldn’t make any sense at all.


More soon.


Much love,

Mama Murphy




Here’s my first

featured campaign theme song

and believe me...

as a musician, composer, and creator...

we’ll have all sorts of fun making sure

Music Education remains a priority:



The Hard Stuff
by Justin Timberlake







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