Saturday, September 8, 2018


There are many things

I could write about today

in this, the new debut format,

for LOUD Mouthpieces.


That we’re still here

is something that even

the most experienced business moguls

didn’t anticipate.


Destroy their marriage.

Separate their family.

Put bogus restraining order wording

in fundamentally unconstitutional

forced dissolution papers


keeping LOUD

from participating

in the very venues,

events, and performances

I’ve known and loved

since I first joined

elementary school band.


World dominating companies

vying for world dominating markets

look at little ol’ me

and lick their chops


in anticipation

of gobbling up

another mom and pop family business

as if only world dominating companies

are “qualified”

to bring service and value

to professional and student musicians.


And sure, the combined experience

of the sales staff and craftsmen

in those world dominating companies

would more than likely add up

to hundreds of years







But you know what.

If you open the box

and put the mouthpiece in your horn

more than likely

it’s going to have

machine residue on the inside...


nasty, black gunk

that’s basically a combination

of polishing powder,

machining oil,

and metal dust


that if sterilization

and then personal,


zero residue


is not part of their

assembly line process

just to keep prices

at “what the market will bear”


your son or daughter

or even you

will be combining


with that yummy black residue

which will backwash

right back into your mouth

and you won’t even think about it.




Because you’ve got your horn

to the press box

playing your heart out

and the last thing you’re thinking about

is whether

the company with

hundreds of years of





took the time

to clean to perfection

the hundreds of years

of accumulated machining residue

just part of their old world processes.


That’s the difference

in world dominating mass production


and the world’s most valuable mouthpiece

for the world’s most valuable players


in the loving hands

of a tried and true

Band Mom.


Some people are amazed

our mouthpieces are

one million dollars each.


People who know me

aren’t surprised

and expect even greater success

and innovations.


The strangest reaction

was from those outside our company

who actually got angry

cursing me personally

with words no one

and especially

no daughter of the Almighty

should ever hear.


I guess they’re just part of that

old world dominating process

that would leave filthy black residue

in the mouths of students and adults.



we don’t live in that world any more.


And there’s a whole lot more

this LOUD mother can do

to make sure

the instruments and mouthpieces

many devote their lives to


are worthy

of that devotion.


If you are one of

America’s most wealthy individuals

just looking for

a great Reason to invest,


it’s time to build

a better mouthpiece.


Rockets to the moon

and colonizing Mars

are super-adventurous endeavors.


Solar-powered cars

with zero-emissions

are pretty cool aspirations too.


But if you build

a high-performance solar car

with no engine sound


who cares how fast it goes.


But it pegged the Corvette,

before it even leapt from the starting line.


Who cares.


Because when you start the engine

of that 2019 Super Performance Corvette

every sensor in your

onboard human press box

lights up.


But the emissions, the combustible engine.


Emissions are easily filtered.

And a “combustible” engine,

is better, more accurately defined

as a “this is what passion sounds like when

given the keys to ignite the flame” engine.



But the environment. The volatility.

Clean energy,

when engineered properly

is pure velocity.

Plus the fuel savings

with solar technologies.

Eventually you’ll be able to drive



Ok. Then outfit the solar car,

with the most awesome sound system

on the planet.

And when you turn the key,

the seats actually rumble

while the surround-sound system

plays a Corvette engine sound,

or an 800 horsepower Hemi sound,

or a Peterbilt 4500,

or even a Schumacher Jet dragster sound.


You could even have

a Harley-Davidson

start mechanism

and super low idle sound

for the convertible models.



You see.

We can reason together

about all sorts of fun innovations.


All performance and no play...


engineers Jack

some very dull toys.



I am your voice of steel.

Stainless steel.



And music...


is just the beginning.




Much love,

Mama Murphy





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