January 26, 2021


“I will set before my eyes no vile thing.”


“Men of perverse heart shall be far from me;
I will have nothing to do with evil.”


“No one who practices deceit
will dwell in my house;
no one who speaks falsely
will stand in my presence.”




a solemn promise,
often invoking a divine witness,
regarding one’s future action or behavior.



morally base; depraved.



turned away from what is right and good.



As the Chief Justice rightly announced
he would not be attending the theatrics and perverse, pretended articles of “impeachment”

against a United States citizen

no longer in office to impeach,


it was to all good students

and lifelong lovers of learning

and intelligent civilized reason,


almost comical

to witness

the undaunted, continued


of those

now most obviously revealed

in the bright illuminating light

of Wisdom and Justice united.


It was a brilliant, calm,

deliciously intellectually satisfying

demonstration of right-minded clarity

of Justice


in response to


incompetent, derelict

pretenders of “legislative” authority

all flocked together around

the word “unity”

as they demonstrated

utter Constitution





You know in class

when there are kids

that just don’t study

or practice

or learn the things

they need to learn

to get a good grade

a good chair

or a good position?


Some of these grown adults

in Congress...


are like those kids.


And in real life,

when that failure

to understand

the basic material

that’s required

to attain those positions

is then acted out

in such a stupid

incompetent way


we could have every reason

to laugh at them.


But the problem is

in the adult world


if individuals

don’t think for themselves

and realize the actions

those adults are imposing

are 100 percent illegal

regardless of their

“representative” position,


there are others

who stupidly, mindlessly

follow their orders


of what they’re actually ordering...




and flunking

the duties of their positions too


just like the ones ordering

those illegal acts

against good faith

United States citizens

in the first place.


It’s why studying

and getting good grades



so when you get out in the

productive, prosperous world,

you can read documents

and understand what they say

and understand what you can

and cannot


according to the

only Supreme law of the land:

The Declaration of Independence,

The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.


And not only that,

you can actually

think for yourself

from that great foundational understanding

and actually build and create

really cool, fun, things and policies,

to make life

even better and awesome

for rational



Life, Livelihood, and Freedom.




and getting good grades


is a great indicator

of future performance

and attention to detail,


of mindfulness,

and consideration

of your fellow human beings.


From that awesome

knowledge base of good learning,

you understand

certain things

are just common sense...







And so

when you hear a flunky of

basic human health concepts


tell you

that wearing a facemask

with one layer is ok,


but two layers would be even more



the thicker the better...


there’s an obvious


Darwin award

that could be awarded

to that flunky

of medical expertise

and respiratory function,


if it wasn’t so downright



Take the goddamned masks

and throw them away.


These guys

have flunked

every aspect of just basic

common sense




Constitution Rights representation.


A national mask mandate

is 100 percent


and unconstitutional.



a representative

that’s no longer in office

just shows

they’re such flunkies

they don’t even know

what the word means.



charge (the holder of a public office)
with misconduct






And intelligent, honorable,

good faith Constitution Rights



it’s time to get back to

Life, Livelihood and Liberty.


Go back to school.


Schedule concerts.


Schedule events.


Eat freely indoors or outdoors

in restaurants.


Live life,


in good faith common sense


and pay no attention

to the stupid flunkies


who have held us all


over nothing

but a political hoax

and attempt to

shove United States citizens

into poverty, default, and destitution.






And not just impeachable...


to purposely shutdown

all Life and Livelihood

against your own fellow citizens


is grounds for immediate

removal from office.


We as intelligent

happy, productive, prosperous

good faith citizens


are never subject

to flunkies


attempting to “rule”

and “control” our lives

like a bunch of high school bullies.


This nonsense is over.


The allegedly elected “president”

has already violated the Constitution,

and the Constitution Rights assurances

and protections of United States citizens

so many times

in the “executive” orders

they just keep putting in front of him

to sign


it too... would be laughable


if this was a classroom

and there was a group of kids

that had ganged up and decided

to write their own rules


for grades,

and “winning” basketball games

and just who would pass and fail

in their lockdown, shutdown


of sweetheart awesome

intelligent citizens...

who not only know

how to read

The Declaration of Independence,

The Constitution,

and The Bill of Rights,


but also know


how to intelligently



protect themselves

from flunkies.


Mama that seems really harsh

to call them flunkies.


Harsh... is telling good faith citizens

they cannot work to provide

for themselves and their loved ones

when they are perfectly healthy.


Harsh is arbitrarily restricting

the Constitution Rights

of person

each good faith citizen has

of self-preservation.



is shutting down the economy

and then “deciding”

as we all watch

how much unconstitutionally taxed money

they will “decide”

to send out as “relief checks”

to all those “hurting”

by the political “pandemic”

they made up

to overthrow independent

Life, Liberty, and Freedom

and shove their

authoritarian totalitarian



Have you ever been walking through

the halls at school

during class changes

and all of a sudden

a couple of students

start yelling and getting into

an actual physical fight

right there in the hall

among all their fellow students

just there to learn

and be successful?


What did you think of those kids

especially if you knew

they were always getting into trouble

and never got good grades?


As good students, you knew

just to walk on by

and get to class

and do what you were there to do.


The principal

and teachers were there

to handle kids like that.



The stuff we’ve experience this past year

and still even now in some areas...


is so incompetent...

it’s like those kids

that you’d just walk by and ignore

in high school

have managed to manipulate elections

and force their way into

representative positions


them stupidly thinking

that just raw numbers of votes

regardless of validity

or Constitution Rights integrity

means “winning”

and gives them


over the rest of us.


That’s just how stupid

these guys are.


They publicly gave Oaths

to protect the Constitution Rights

of their fellow United States citizens,

and now doing the exact opposite,

they’re rushing

to “enact” all sorts of nonsense

that subverts and violates

our individual Constitution Rights

and directly threatens

national security.


No one can “vote”

to take money from you

or Constitution Rights from you.


No one can “vote”

to allow foreign nations

or foreign citizens

to violate American citizen

Constitution Rights.


That in and of itself is treason.



It’s no different than bullies

in high school

ganging up on the other kids

and insisting they voted

to take money from everybody

and so gosh

if you don’t give them your money

you’re violating

the “will of the bullies”.


That’s taxation

without representation.


When that “representation”

has turned against their Oath of office

that clearly stated they would

uphold, protect, and preserve

the Constitution Rights

of good faith citizens,


and all they are doing

is violating that Oath

and those Rights...


ladies and gentlemen,

they have no authority.



doesn’t “win”.


It gains no respect,

and good students

and good citizens

have no duty

or responsibility

to pay any attention to them



To do so

would be no different

than all students, faculty, coaches,

principals, and superintendents

stopping their

lives and livelihoods and activities

because those

flunky kids that fought

in the halls at school

fraudulently “voted”,

actually think they’ve “won”,

and are now demanding

that everyone

does what they say

or they’ll fine you,

assault you,

lock you down,

and shut you down too

while they let

bullies from other schools

and foreign nations

take all the lunch money

in the entire system,

and come up with rushed

foreign manufactured “vaccines”

they’ll require

as they pretend

anyone intelligent, good, and right,

would be allowed

to do anything



And the “expert” flunky

that recently said a

thicker facemask

would be a “scientifically” better

way to protect health,


just flunked

for the last time.


You are fired.

No “impeachment” necessary.


We all knew

the moment that guy

was brought into this

alleged “elected representation”

this whole election nonsense

was nothing but a sham.


Golly... gee guys...

the CDC “expert” is saying

there’s just nothing even we can do

and so golly you’ll just have to do

what we say and stay locked down

and shut down nationally

because we

are in “power” now.



United States citizens...

and especially our citizens that are

school-age children or younger

will not be subject

to such imbecilic threat

and suffocation.


This political charade

is over.


I am honored

to stand

as Constant


Constitution Rights representative

on behalf of all


common sense,

good faith

United States citizens.




Play LOUD.

Love your audience.

Play it because you mean it,


and you will always



Much Love,

Mama Murphy




strong, definite, and clear.

Source: The Almighty Dictionary™





  For those so diligent, the opening quotes references: Psalm 101:3a, 4, and 7.