February 21-22, 2021








Goose Northam?




This is Mama Murphy

over here in the great southwest.

I was driving through town last night

and noticed that one of our pride and joys,

The State Theater of Virginia, had put

a new announcement on the marquee saying

Barter at the Moonlight Drive-In

would open again in April.


Now Goose,

on my walk this morning, I talked with

one of the regular Barter players,

and asked her what the deal was.

Why in the world was The Barter

not opening in April and instead

they were still going to do

what they made due with all last year

performing outdoors

at a local drive-in theater,

cold, wind, rain, or shine?


Well it takes a certain amount

to pay everyone and run the theater

and with the 25 or 50 percent

capacity restrictions they still have in place,

we’re just waiting

for everything to be back to normal,

the kind actress said to me

walking in the open air and sunshine,

healthy, no facemask, and joyfully smiling.


Now Goose.

Your job as governor

of the Great State of Virginia

is to prevent tyranny from interfering

with good faith life, business, livelihood,

and Show That Must Go On

for the good faith citizens of Virginia.


You’re not there to be a fearful,

disease-minded scare monster

locking down everyone and everything

regardless of health, happiness,

and good faith common sense.


Those capacity restrictions

are unconstitutional and illegal,

and you have no authority as governor

to hold that tyranny and oppression

over good faith citizens in Virginia.


In fact, just the opposite.


Those “federal” capacity mandate restrictions

are arbitrary, and no federal representative

has the authority to issue such restrictions of

life, business, and livelihood.


I asked my kind actress friend

how she was getting by, and she said

she was finding work here and there

with odd jobs and unemployment

but it would really be better

to just get back to performing and shows.




People don’t go to theater performances

if they’re not feeling well or sick.

It’s just common sense.

And common courtesy.


And you know what?

They don’t go to church

if they’re not feeling well or sick either.


I read that you’re a member of a

Baptist church out in Capeville.


I looked them up

and instantly smiled,

knowing the soulful,


Holy Spirit teaching

that would bless you

each and every Sunday

you sang praises in that church.


“Woe to me if I
do not preach
the GOSPEL.”

1st Corinthians 9:16


That’s what it says on the wall

behind the pastor

in big, easy-to-read letters

right there in the sanctuary,

that everyone in that church fellowship

looks at each and every time

they enter the sanctuary,

and every time they’re listening

to the pastor teach.


Is that your church Goose?

That Power of the Holy Spirit,

cleansed in the waters of Baptism,

Bible-believing, Bible-preaching

Baptist church?


Do you know

what it says in Matthew, Goose?


“Jesus went throughout Galilee,
teaching in their synagogues,
preaching the good news of the kingdom,
and healing every disease and sickness
among the people.”

Matthew 4:23


How many people have you healed Goose?


With how many people have you shared

the good news of the Gospel?


As Constitution Rights

representative governor

of the Great State of Virginia

you do not have the authority to violate

the United States citizen Right to freely

worship and observe sacred rites of Faith.



Do you know what Jesus’ brother, James,

taught concerning those who might be sick?


“Is any one of you sick?
He should call the elders of the church
to pray over him and anoint him with oil
in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well;
the Lord will raise him up.”

James 5:14-15


Now Goose.

I know you are a pediatric neurologist

and that specialty might seem really

super scientific and everything,


but the prayers of the righteous

effect much.


Effect healing.

Effect blessing.

Effect joy, wisdom, and grace.



You don’t have authority as

Constitution Rights representative governor

to restrict the capacity

of any business, church, or event,

when there are millions

who put their trust in an authority

much higher and much wiser

than you.


They didn’t vote for you to be “God”

in their life.


They voted for you,

many of them I’m sure, because gosh,

you’re a member of a Baptist church,


and wow, you would at least protect

their right to freely worship,

and assemble peacefully and publicly,

whether for a church service,

or a local community gathering

at a restaurant, or a school,

or at a sport or performance event.


I mean faith doesn’t stop

at the church doors Goose.

You know that right?

There are good faith citizens

everywhere in the Great State of Virginia.

We are the Domestic Tranquility

and presence that makes

intelligent civilized life in Virginia reality.


That’s the beauty of being a good faith

American citizen.


We are not threatened, harassed,

restricted, or extorted

by tyrants, bullies, or thugs.

And certainly not by anyone

acting like that in a Constitution Rights

representative position.


If you are so fearful Goose,

you personally wear the masks,

as many as you want.


The Almighty,

Creator of Heaven and Earth,

created us to breathe freely,

smile, and live prosperously, peacefully,

and abundantly.


State imposed limitations and thefts

(individual income taxation,

and business extortion fine threats

for not enforcing arbitrary facemask,

testing, temperatures,

and social distance “mandates”)

are unconstitutional and illegal

in the United States

and in the Great State of Virginia

regardless of any

pretended acts of legislation,

despotic whim,

or arbitrary mandate.



You’re an intelligent man.

A specialist in your medical training.

But that medical training

is limited.


The Almighty

is unlimited.


And He alone

holds the power of life and death.

Not you.

And not any Constitution Rights



Does that mean

the death penalty

for certain crimes

against good faith citizens

is not allowed?


No of course not.

Justice must prevail

to protect the harmony and balance

of Life, Innocence, and Trust.



You’re a smart man. Think for yourself.

Be a leader. Not a follower of Fouci,

or anyone at the CDC,

much less the WHO

a foreign entity which most certainly

has no authority to restrict or violate

the Constitution Rights

of good faith American citizens.



You’re bowing to that guy... Fouci?

A guy who keeps changing

his recommendations

according to whatever political whim

he feels that day based purely on statistical

projections and conjectures from an

extraordinarily minuscule limited data set

of only those seeking medical assistance?


So small,

that over 99 percent of the population

have no issues whatsoever?


You’re unconstitutionally

parroting, bowing down, and

issuing orders and “mandates”

coming from a guy who’s never had

a position outside “government”

in private medical practice

and yet is shoving a one-diagnosis-fits-all

“sickcare” on the American people?


Do you go to that Baptist church Goose?


Sure, as Governor, you cannot establish

the Baptist denomination

as the official religion of Virginia,


but you have every right to trust

the God you sit in church and

worship every now and then

to know His people,

and trust that He will supply

their healing and needs...

individually, as they seek Him

personally, responsibly

by faith.


Makes your duty as governor

easy peezie.

No burden whatsoever.

That’s on Jesus.


Goose do you know,

that we are a Judeo-Christian nation?


Founded on many of the principles

and commands given in Scripture.


You know why?


Because they work.

They’re common sense.


Don’t steal.

Don’t murder.


Realize you did not create

the planet you are living on

nor did you create

the stars in the heavens,

or place the sun in the sky.


And be amazed,

that somehow,

even though you didn’t do any of that,

God loves you so much,

He will work with you personally,


in making your life




and secure.


There is a way

that seems right

but without the recognition

that golly gee

you just might not know

everything The Almighty knows,

that forced way...

that arbitrary mandate,

or dictate, or order, or unfounded whim

can really unnecessarily mess up

a lot of good faith lives


The Almighty

to make everything right.


And so,

in looking at that problem,

it’s really nothing more

than a twig jam

blocking a run-off path

after a good, soaking, nourishing rain.



stop being the twig.


Give the reins

back to the good faith citizens, sweetie.


God is in control.


It’s time to open up

at normal capacities,

breathing freely,

exercising freely,


and thriving.


I want to see an announcement on

The State Theater of Virginia marquee

of the theater’s grand re-opening

for the 2021 Spring Season,

and an invitation to the box office,

to purchase tickets for one or several

performances right there on stage

in The State Theater of Virginia again.


This unconstitutional political nonsense

is over, Goose.


I stand

as Presiding Constitution Representative

on behalf of all good faith

United States citizens, no matter what State

they reside in.


My goodness Goose.


is one of the thirteen original colonies.


As Governor,

you should be unflinching

in protection, support, and preservation

of the Constitution Rights

of United States Virginians.

That is your only duty, son.

Your only duty.


Love you Goose.

As good faith American citizens,

born-and-raised in this

remarkable land,


we are on the same team.



is not divided.


Virginia is not divided.


And don’t let anyone

tell you

or bully you



And stop worrying about all the statues,

and which one did this or that.

They’re all a part of our history.


It’s what you do today,




that matters.


Do you know what else

the Scriptures teach Goose?


As a governor,

and as a mom or dad,

this is really a great principle:



do not embitter or exasperate your children,

or they will become discouraged.”

Ephesians 6:4, Colossians 3:21



Even children understand

when something is illogical,




and overbearing.


There’s nothing worse

than a parent

that punishes indiscriminately,

grounding or punishing

their innocent children

along with the one or ones


acting up,

or getting into trouble.


It causes resentment and loss of respect

in the heart of an innocent sweetheart child,

whose life has been punished and restricted


simply for minding their own business,

doing their chores,

and getting good grades.


And it causes the unmindful,

undisciplined, unruly child

to be even more rebellious,

emboldened, aggressive, and threatening,

actually thinking it funny,

that the innocent sibling

was punished or grounded

solely because of his misbehavior,

disruptions, and provoking.



Discipline and expel the evil.

Praise and reward the good.


Don’t embitter or exasperate

the good faith citizens

of the Great State of Virginia.


You lead citizens astray

if you tell them we are a democracy,

and not a Democratic Republic.


The United States is not a democracy,

ruled by raw number of votes

regardless of verification, validation,

or even agreement with

our individual protections of

Life, Liberty, and Freedom.


In that case,

any gang of criminals

could pretend they have the “most” votes

and then inflict all manner of

tyranny, bullying, theft, and terror.


Goose you know better than that.


We are a Democratic Republic.

As United citizens,

we vote within the framework

of our Constitution Rights,

not violating or harming

the good faith lives or livelihoods

of our fellow good faith citizens.


We fundamentally understand,

we’re on the same team.


So Goose,

I’m not going to mandate

and Baptize you

against your will,

cleansing you

from all the silliness

and violations of good faith

you’ve enacted and allowed against

the good faith citizens of Virginia

and your own congregation

with all the unconstitutional

facemasking, shutdowns,

and capacity restrictions

you went along with,

in dereliction of your duties,

and in contempt

of the Constitution

and the Constitution Rights

of good faith Virginians.



That baptism

and rededication of Faith

is up to you,

and your pastor.


I’m not going to mandate

and fine you or your pastor $1000

if you’re not baptized.

I’m not going to send in

local police, health department, or ATF agents

to harass and arrest you or shut you down

if you don’t believe

in immersion baptism as a Baptist

and member of a Baptist church.


I do know,

it’s most certainly

an act of faith

to be fully immersed and baptized

as an adult

in front of a congregation

who lifts you up

in prayer

each and every day.


It’s even more an act of

courage and faith

to walk into the waters along the shore

this time of year, in the winter months,

and yet men of God, by faith,


in rivers,

and streams,

and lakes,

and oceans,

whenever that duty is called.


Maybe you have an indoor



in your church, Goose.


If so,

enjoy the cameras,

enjoy the spotlight,

and remember,


demonstrated baptism

by one

leading the way

in the wilderness.


Could we count on you

to purchase season tickets

for the Spring 2021

Barter Theater opening Goose?

The State Theater of Virginia,

fully open, full capacity,

no privacy-violating testing, tracing,

temperature reading, or forced vaccine,

no facemasks or social-distancing,

none of that illegal, unconstitutional tyranny,

just good faith, normal, healthy,

common sense celebration

of the Life, Liberty, and Freedom

we all enjoy as good faith

United States American citizens?


Thanks, Goose.

I know you’ll do the Right thing

for all Salt-of-the-Earth citizens

of the Great State of Virginia.





Play LOUD.

Love your audience.

Play it because you mean it,


and you will always



Much Love,

Mama Murphy




strong, definite, and clear.

Source: The Almighty Dictionary™